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  1. terradom

    Hyundia terracans

    Hi wadeo How do you find the Dobinsons lift? I have tough Dogs suspension and not really happy with the lift in the rear. Dom
  2. terradom

    Wombat State Forest

    Welcome Thissa23 Good to see you are enjoying your Hilux.
  3. terradom

    ARB Sales falling

    Arb make great products but I do think they should expand their products and manufacturing to other brands of 4wd's and not just Toyotas and Nissans. There is a huge market out there nowadays and people do not only buy Landcruisers and Patrols.. Just my 2 cents worth......:)
  4. terradom

    Hyundai Terracan 07

    Cost me $2004.00 for the bullbar, $225.00 for freight down to Melbourne from Queensland + fitting = not a very cheap bullbar compared to other makes of vehicles. Regards Dom
  5. terradom

    Hyundai Terracan 07

    Thanx 03Hilux Snorkel is TJM Airtec and the Bullbar is from Custom Alloy in Queensland. And yes I will get it dirty soon, Lol, only got it fitted yesterday......:D
  6. terradom

    Hyundai Terracan 07

    Hi Guys Thought i would show a couple of pics of my new bullbar and snorkel I fitted to my Terracan yesterday Let me know what you think.:) Sorry about the quality they were taken with my phone. Regards Dom
  7. terradom

    Hyundai Terracan 07

    It most probably will fit you just need to make sure the bonnett opens and shuts without touching the top of the bull bar. Good luck with it. Regards Dom
  8. terradom

    Hyundai Terracan 07

    In regards to snorkels TJM have an Airtech snorkel for the Terracan. Bullbars, the only choice are alloy ones, non winch compatible. Arb will not fit a Pajero bullbar as they are not designed or tested for the Terracan. Regards Dom
  9. terradom

    Hyundai Terracan 07

    What parts do you need?
  10. terradom

    Hyundai Terracan 07

    the recovery point is under the front passenger side of the vehicle......
  11. terradom

    Our Outback Adventure.

    Fantastic photos there Allanmac. Makes me want to take off now...... Regards Dom
  12. terradom

    Hyundai Terracan 07

    I will post some pics of mine after the bullbar and snorkel are fitted...:)
  13. terradom

    Hyundai Terracan 07

    dammit01 I have a Hyundai Terracan, they are very capable vehicles, awesome deisel engine. Most accessories you need are available. Arb also have air lockers for them. Im about to install a Custom alloy bull bar, snorkel and driving lights later this month. Good luck with yours. Regards...
  14. terradom

    Your own 4WD park?

    Exactly what I was thinking............
  15. terradom

    Our Ebay snorkel strength trial

    Or Hyundai Terracans...........:mad:
  16. terradom

    Losing sleep

    Just maybe after driving the Paj you wont want a cruiser any more........... Regards Dom
  17. terradom

    # active users online

    I got it also. yeeehaaa
  18. terradom

    What did Santa bring you ?

    mine always arrives late, but im getting a snorkel for my Terracan. Better late than never I suppose....
  19. terradom

    Skipworth 2011 - Trip Report

    Had a fantastic time at Skipworth. Great location, great people very well organised. Cant wait for next years one already. Regards Dom
  20. terradom

    Skipworth Role Call

    Antonio and I got home nice and safe. We stopped at the Hotel in Mansfield for lunch and had the best steak sandwich and chips ever. Anyway it was a great trip with fantastic people cant wait to do it all again. Regards Dom