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    Puncture Resistant Road Tyres

    Hi, There is now a third licensed driver in our family, meaning the Prado will spend a lot more time on the bitumen, say 95% plus. With this in mind I will be buying road tyres. When I am out in the bush, I’m fully prepared to turn back through lack of grip, but would like to limit the number...
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    NSW Bridle track blocked (Hill End to Bathurst)

    Back around 1990 I drove from Hill End to Bathurst on the Bridle Trail in a Triumph TR7. Sure, the muffler ended up in the boot, but in those days it was just a poor dirt road. If it ended up a Top 20 4WD trip then one assumes little maintenance has been done since then, which suggests it may...
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    tyres is there a problem

    Related Issue My Prado came second hand from a dealer with near new Simex ATs on the rear and near new same size GrandTeks on the front. Never thought it would be a problem, as the size difference probably wouldn't be any more than that between new and worn tyres of the same brand. Anyway...
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    It's About Time

    I've had a 3.4 Prado for a number of years and reckon it's about time I used it for the reason I bought it in the first place!