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  1. oznog05


    Hello Stacie welcome to the site, I have a 2003 Hilux great 4by. It's fitted with a Safari snorkel. One of the dearer ones on the market but worth it if you wanna do river crossing.
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    A new bloke

    Welcome to the site.
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    New Member

    Hello and welcome to the site. Please have a look at the My 4WD section. Would mine seeing a bit more of your beast.
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    Hi from a newbie!

    G'day Rexy, Welcome to 4x4earth! Not wrong mate, its a top site!
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    Hello Everyone

    Hi Rowdy, Welcome to 4x4earth! What track did you do?
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    Welcome to 4x4earth!
  7. oznog05

    Hi all

    Welcome to 4x4earth. Good luck on your trip too. Got room for one more....he he
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    Just joined

    Welcome to 4x4earth!
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    Howdy, just Joined

    Welcome to the site.
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    hey ppl

    Hello and welcome to the site, Keep an eye out on the trip section for up coming trips to tag a long on! Best way to learn is to get amongst it.
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    Hello and welcome to earth!
  12. oznog05

    Snow in Warburton

    Sweet, not long now for a snow drive!
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    I second that! :D
  14. oznog05

    Romanian style ...

    Excellent work mate..... Loved how the mud coned of the tires!
  15. oznog05

    YAY! Looks like I have a rig.

    Excellent news Bruce..... Sounds like a cracking unit! And once the chev is in it, it will be a monster! Will have to hook up a trip to see how it go's!
  16. oznog05

    4x4earth on 4wdtv epp 264???

    I will have to check this out!
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    welcome to the site!
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    Hi from FNQ

    Welcome to 4x4earth!
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    Hello and welcome to 4x4earth
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    Gday All

    Welcome to 4x4earth!