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  1. Elbie84

    ARB 8000kg Snatch strap

  2. Elbie84

    Tonkatrol with air lockers ???

    Haha, so true :p:p:p
  3. Elbie84

    Tonkatrol with air lockers ???

    Jack you can engage them on the move it fine, just make sure your off the gas other wise you will (aka) crunch lock them which will shorten the life and stuff your diff gears. The rear is the old style arb locker which is much stronger, and the front is the new style which you have to take a...
  4. Elbie84

    GU Rear bars ??

    Give ben at 4b fabricatons a call he has done all the work on the car and had talked about putting one on, he'll make it how ever you want Jack.;)
  5. Elbie84

    VIC- 1999 Gu patrol

    Hey bruce, yeah getting right into it, Vic winch will be our first main comp then hoping to get to CLIFFHANGER as well, Now the CCDA has joined up with CAMS there should be more events next year, if not we'll head to the interstate races like the SSS and Dave metcalf events.
  6. Elbie84

    VIC- 1999 Gu patrol

    Haha, no when I get a boat its going to have power and a lot of it lol, on the the car side of things just picked up my new wrx sti:D:D, let's just say she's abit quicker than the red beast;) And on the 4x4 side of things the race truck will be right to go in a couple of weeks so will be...
  7. Elbie84

    Trip report super late notice Warby trip

    Good to see the truck getting used for i what i built it for;), Jo once your hooked you'll just want to keep finding harder challenging tracks it's a addiction, Hope you have as much fun with it as i did. Jo get used to pulling people out of hard spots it a job that comes with the...
  8. Elbie84

    VIC- 1999 Gu patrol

  9. Elbie84

    VIC- 1999 Gu patrol

    No worries brenno, there is a big list of people if sale falls through, but I'll give you a buzz if it does, just pm me your number, phone has not stopped all night lol
  10. Elbie84

    VIC- 1999 Gu patrol

    Hey Bruce, no not trading up want to buy a boat and it's got to go if i want one lol;)
  11. Elbie84

    VIC- 1999 Gu patrol

    SOLD pending payment.
  12. Elbie84

    VIC- 1999 Gu patrol

    Selling my 1999 Gu patrol wagon. 138 xxx km's manual, 4.2 turbo diesel , dts induction, gt2860rs turbo. Excedy safari tuff clutch. 4inch lift, 4bfab drop boxes, adjustable panhards front and rear, all new bushes in front end about 1500km's ago. ARB air lockers front and rear, arb...
  13. Elbie84

    Intercooler specialists?

    4B Fabrications and Performance Tuning 1/12 Industry Blvd. Carrum Downs 4B Fabrications | Custom fabrication for your 4x4 Benno or joel will look after you, very experienced in 4x4's and performance tuning.
  14. Elbie84

    Deep Creek 1.

    We did it going up stream, was good fun, would not have been so fun if we had of had to get out of car though.
  15. Elbie84

    Deep Creek 1.

    This track is a great track, Did it about 4 weeks ago when they had about 100mm of rain the three days prior and could not see any rocks at all it was just a raging torrent, all about 500mm deep and the width of the whole creek bed, was a great sight to see. Deep creek 1 is the pick of them all...
  16. Elbie84

    Alternator TD27 Melb ASAP

    Have you had a price on getting it rebulit, new reg's, brushes etc, it sometime's works out cheaper depending what is wrong with it.
  17. Elbie84

    Nissan Patrol 1998

    how'd you go with your snorkel bruce, did you end up fitting one??
  18. Elbie84

    Snorkel, Stainless, Through Bonnet ??? GQ Patrol

    Give Steve at PATROLDOCTA a call 03 5941 6266 He makes these and there A1 quality P.s tell him your off rhino he'll do a better price;)
  19. Elbie84

    PTO Winch. Worth it or not?

    You will have to put a different transfer case, and will be alot of stuffing around which will cost more $$$, as Frosty said better off buying a electric winch will end up around the same price if not cheaper.
  20. Elbie84

    Susupension Squeeking!

    Nolathane bushes will wear out alot quicker, always stick with rubber and genuine at that.:cool: Nolathane are great for road cars and rice burners as they don't like to flex and they wear out quick due to the flexing 4x4's create, and thats why they are much cheaper as well. Anyway back...