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  1. Triplayhard

    King valley to the huts.

    Yeah, stayed on the side of the King River last time i was up there, great trout fishing! I'll have to find out where the track leaves the William Hovel area from. Thanks Bushnut.
  2. Triplayhard

    Anyone been to Wombat/Lerderderg (VIC) recently?

    yeah they are deep, i went under there earlier this year, cab full of water... not happy, and the only hole i didn't check all day.:eek:
  3. Triplayhard

    annoying shaking

    Look at he bushes on your idler arms in the front. Mine were worn, shaking replaced shakes gone cheap and easy fix. If it has been shaking for a while it's likely you have damaged/worn the shock in some way also so it would pay to replace them sooner rather than later.
  4. Triplayhard

    King valley to the huts.

    Have heard there is a track up through the high country, from th Lake William Hovel area (Cheshunt) up past the Huts... Has anyone done this track? if so do we know what it's called? whether it's in good condition? is it worth doing (i'm 99% sure it is). Would love to get up that way before...
  5. Triplayhard

    5th gear and now third...

    It's up around the 280,000 mark. Took it to Robe last weekend (cup weekend) and she seems to be running ok. from Beachport to Robe with no boggings and took all the beaches!...will probably get a reco'd or at least much younger box and fit it myself me thinks, with new HD clutch.
  6. Triplayhard

    Anyone been to Wombat/Lerderderg (VIC) recently?

    Best camping spot in Lerdy is the Amblers Track campsite.
  7. Triplayhard


    Thanks for the heads up, been preparing for this for a while. Heard the sand down there is "the softest in Australia" so looking forward to getting stuck a bit. Got A/T tyres so should be ok with deflation of course! i think the Staun's, my compressor, and the snatchy will earn their weight in...
  8. Triplayhard


    Heading to Robe on the cup weekendfor us Melbournians (this weekend!!! cant come soon enough) - going to "Little Dip" 5 days. We are in convoy, and looking for some local knowedge about camp spots, good/bad/ugly. and Fishing spots too. Never been before, any info on the condition of the tracks...
  9. Triplayhard

    5th gear and now third...

    The Triton (MK) is starting to make noises everywhere, but the loudest one (the one i will fix first) is in the gearbox. In 5th gear it sounds like a tap thats turned on a quarter turn, and it's been getting louder. It seems the noise is begining in third too. just the gears at the top of the...
  10. Triplayhard

    Trip Report - Neerim Area - 03.10.09

    Came across that track while scouting for firewood a while back but was heading in the "down" direction. I was alone and had a tray full of wood so needless to say i didn't get too far before i bailed. I remember doing three point turn after three point turn through the trees! glad i didn't...
  11. Triplayhard

    Swags where to get a great one

    Mr Swagman, classic double. you'll only find him on the net. free delivery too. it's bulletproof.
  12. Triplayhard

    Tracking around the Grampians

    Yeah Jimmies creek is a good one. there are walks out of the spot up and along the ridges.. it's about 40km south of halls gap on the right. there are two little blue signs (at 100km/h they can be hard to see)indicating the site. If you go much further south the forest is still burnt out and ash...
  13. Triplayhard

    BFG All Terrain Tyres

    I have the american BFG A/Ts and i think they are great, awesome grip in everything but really wet sticky clay mud- they are a/ts after all. Had goodyears on before and although they wore well, they offered much less grip off road. I did puncture a sidewall not long after getting them on, but it...
  14. Triplayhard

    I got that 70km shimmy going

    I have the same problem with my Triton but over two sets of tyres and rims - I just upgraded. It hasn't changed a thing- had the new ones balanced and everything... The mind boggles!! just below 80 to just over and she shakes away... Maybe someone can shed some light on the situation??? at the...
  15. Triplayhard

    lookin for easy tracks melbourne

    there are some easy ones up neerim east way,(Sweetwater NCR) but also some difficult ones. read any tracks listed by Davidman in the tracks list he's added photos and video on most of them. I've done some of them -they are challenging, but generally much easier in the downward direction.
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    Welcome... up to spec??? just get out there!!!
  17. Triplayhard


    It's already been decided! shouldn't be far away either.
  18. Triplayhard


    done a bit of research on lockers as i'll eventually get around to putting one in the triton. If you have manual hubs in the front, its the best place to put an auto locker (or auto unlocker if you read up) in IFS - as it's the first place you're gonna lift a wheel. With the hubs unlocked on...