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  1. Gunna


    I'm bringing the trailer, may be handy for a load of wood, shovel,blower water pump with hoses etc, chainsaw, whipper snipper spray backpack rake can bring a geni too if needed and if no one else is I can chuck in another wheelbarrow seeing I'm taking the trailer
  2. Gunna

    2015 Toyota Landcruiser VDJ79 Single cab GXL

    Put the same one into my 76 almost 12 months ago awesome bit of kit
  3. Gunna

    Nsw convoy to Otooles Vic big bash 10 year gathering 12/11/17

    Done the summit walk last weekend there was still plenty of snow about but the track was open we done it in just under 4 hours they had another dump of 10cm on Monday but you should be right
  4. Gunna

    10th Annual Victorian Gathering - O'Tooles Flat - 2017

    Love to come and give you hand but I'll be slumming it in Jindabyn catching a few trout. I did notice a few jobs that need doing around camp think I'll have to organise a working bee in the near future and get it back up to scratch
  5. Gunna

    10th Annual Victorian Gathering - O'Tooles Flat - 2017

    Was there yesterday showing some interstate friends around, the place is looking pretty good but the grass is in need of cut (knee high in some areas) and we'll need some rain to get creek levels up for the duck race its very low right now
  6. Gunna

    Fraser Island question

    Allow yourself at least 2 hours + to travel to Central station from Waddy point depending on how the sand is, as far as camping along the beach you will need to book a site at one of the designated camping zones
  7. Gunna

    Fraser Island question

    Been on the island for the last 9 days and seen all types of vehicles doing the beach and tracks. I've driven most of the island and found it all to be pretty easy, as mentioned earlier tides are the key particularly around the rocks and Eli creek
  8. Gunna

    Mick Fanning

  9. Gunna

    Sheepyard Flat – 9th Annual Victorian Gathering

    I'm out of this one we'll still be on our way back from doing Fraser Island "oh the the sacrifices we make"
  10. Gunna

    SA Annual 4x4 Earth Meet Up - March 2016

    First leg of the trip complete relaxing in Mildura waiting for Grumpy then the final leg tomorrow see you all there
  11. Gunna

    SA Annual 4x4 Earth Meet Up - March 2016

    Well all packed van hooked up, leaving early in the morning staying in Mildura Wednesday night and rock up to camp some time Thursday, looking forward catching up with you all and let the fun begin
  12. Gunna

    1st ever NSW Annual Gathering - Turon River Diggings

    Unfortunately prior plans puts me out of this one, hopefully make the next one.
  13. Gunna

    SA Annual 4x4 Earth Meet Up - March 2016

    The both of us more than happy to contribute to the coat of meals if it gets me out cooking after a day on the tracks Chatty.
  14. Gunna

    Walhalla + weather, Saturday 30th January

    Given the amount of rain we have had in the area today and another 20 mil forecast for tomorrow I would say the the creeks will be high and running fast I would give it a miss for another time
  15. Gunna

    SA Annual 4x4 Earth Meet Up - March 2016

    Thanks Chatty looking forwatd to getting over there
  16. Gunna

    SA Annual 4x4 Earth Meet Up - March 2016

    Thinking about taking the caravan but not sure if it will get into where the meetup is camped it's a 19ft 6 jayco starcraft outback is there someone in the know able let know
  17. Gunna

    80 series rear wiper relay

    Pretty sure it's behind the plastic cover in the tailgate on top left hand side
  18. Gunna

    Mining equipment

    Hey Matt, I used to drive that back in the day, I was also the one who parked it there. I also have a cool video of its trip out of the mine.
  19. Gunna

    Otooles legends.

    I know you would've done the same for me Craig if I were in the same boat. Beers were cold when I got back to camp LoL! Knowing it all turned out ok is compensation enough as far as I'm concerned
  20. Gunna

    Rollover protection

    G'day Roger After talking with Grumpy and assisting with the first recovery it appears inexperience is the cause in both cases its amazing how it can turn pear shaped in a blink of an eye