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    diesel-gas conversion

    all the systems I've researched run approx. 70/30 diesel to gas, thats why the gas tank is 1/3 capacity of diesel tank.
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    diesel-gas conversion

    Have looked into it further & found that emission testing hasn't been done on the conversion kits as yet & cars built after Jan 2002 would actually be deemed unroadworthy if converted ( not sure if this is true for all the various systems out there ). What a bummer, my cruiser is June 2002. From...
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    diesel-gas conversion

    Apparently the diesel burns better with the gas injection, giving more engine power for the same amount of diesel
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    diesel-gas conversion

    Anyone had a diesel-gas conversion done or have knowledge of it ? Apparently it gives better performance & economy. Would love to know more about it including pro's & con's, please share your experience. cheers LARS
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    Fry's Hut - a great camping spot

    Great post Bushnuts, remember going to Fry's hut back in the 70's & 80's, used to hike in, dont think you could drive in from Sheepyards back then ( never had a fourby then so wouldn't have tried ). Do remember as a young bloke driving my mum's Mazda 323 through the river to get there once ...
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    extra seat for 100 series cruiser

    G'day all. Bought a base model cruiser at the Govt. auction, knowing it was a 6 seater but thinking I'd just buy a seat from Toyota & bolt it in the back & I'll be right ( I've got 4 kids & the sixth seat is pretty tiny between the the two front seats ). As it turns out the base model chassey is...
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    Who buys their fuel from Coles?

    used to buy my petrol from shell with the coles vouchers when I was driving a commodore but since getting a diesel landcruiser found the diesel was always more than 4c dearer than the BP across the road from my usual servo so even with the discount voucher you were worse off. how bloody stupid...
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    G'day all, Lars is the name, just joined up. I have a 2002 100 series diesel landcruiser. Dont do as much off road as I'd like to due to work & family commitments, but love getting up in the Victorian alps. Have spent a lot of time up there over the years camping & hiking mainly around the Mt...