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  1. Maverick1701

    the new ride: 2018 Nissan Frontier pro4x manual transmission

    Last week I went in and ordered my new truck (it's my first ever new vehicle purchase). Because it was a manual transmission model, and those are "unobtanium" here in Texas, the dealership had to order it from colorado. It arrived weds 7/25 and I picked it up that afternoon. It's a 2018 CC...
  2. Maverick1701

    Understanding the internal workings of an automatic transmission

    In case anyone was confused... spoiler alert: I HATE my E4OD transmission!!!
  3. Maverick1701

    New member from Texas, USA.

    Hello! My name is Chris. I live in the USA in the state of Texas. For those that are familiar with the Lone Star state, I am in the panhandle in Hall County (South-East of Amarillo, TX). I have been listening to the podcast now for about 4 weeks....and loving every minute of it. I finally...