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  1. Dusty666

    Austrack Adventurer Camper Tent

    Yes Ive got the Austrack camo love it and the quality is up there with the best they have changed the doors since 07 and have more branches I got mine from Brisbane camper trailers I think there is one in Melb somewhere maybe give them a call
  2. Dusty666

    Help with diy off road camper!

    a diff will be a bit heavy, even gutted, youll find an axle at trailer accessories shops are not to expensive, go for a 45mm round or a square with land cruiser 6 stud patern. for the tent attachment you would probably be better to take it to someone for advice.
  3. Dusty666

    Camper Trailer for sale

    Hi guys my mate is selling his camper and asked if I could mention it on here its selling thru a shop but going for a bargain and he needs it gone Ex Demo/Used » Brisbane Camper Trailers just copy/paste into address bar
  4. Dusty666

    My New 3 Bike Trailer Camper

    I am happy to sell 1 to you for your Yamaha
  5. Dusty666

    Cheap Motorbike Wanted

    Hi guys, im after a motorbike for display only, the motor can be stuffed, parts missing, rims dinted, it dosnt matter as long as it looks ok for a display, I only want to pay max $200 or nothing would be better, It is for my bike trailer camper at shows and im worried about my KTM going missing...
  6. Dusty666

    My New 3 Bike Trailer Camper

    we have a special price for the gold coast caming show and the All In 1 bike trailer is now $5990. Brisbane Camper Trailers » Brisbane Camper Trailers)
  7. Dusty666

    $1000 Off New Camper Trailers

    Check this out Brisbane Camper Trailers are doing a sale of $1000 off Campers before the end of financial year, I bought one of theirs and its awsome, just doing my bit to help a small business. find them at Brisbane Camper Trailers » Brisbane Camper Trailers :):):cool:
  8. Dusty666

    camper trailer tops

    WOW, Im glad I went with Brisbane camper trailers, they will freight to Vic if you guys down there are being ripped off, Brisbane Camper Trailers » Brisbane Camper Trailers check them out
  9. Dusty666

    My New 3 Bike Trailer Camper

    I havnt got good shot of it setup yet I am displaying it tommorow (Sunday 23 ) at Beenleigh Markets Come down and have a look, its free to get in there
  10. Dusty666

    My New 3 Bike Trailer Camper

    I am asking for this set up $6990 but I have made the top removable so you can attach tradies lids and ladder racks or a cage side for rubbish removal, I have thought of everything as it has been a few years to this stage, as for the stability, it handles like a dream with the bikes loaded, I...
  11. Dusty666

    My New 3 Bike Trailer Camper

    Hi guys Here is my new bike trailer with side awning shade and a camper on top, Please give me your thoughts ive taken it out on a couple of two day rides with the family and it was fantastic, setup in about 5 minutes and sleeps 4 the shade is great for the day and ive made seats in the...
  12. Dusty666

    What do you look for in a camp site

    check out this place. Clarence River Wilderness Lodge. Its our best pick for quiet with a river and no neighbours AWSOME:):):):) Clarence River Wilderness Tours
  13. Dusty666

    help with brand of camper trailer please

    I agree with that, dont go less then 12oz canvas, ours is 13 ripstop with uv stable stiching weve been in pissing rain all nigh and slept through it, not a drip got in, our friends next to us in a caravan had leaks through their skyligh and were up all night emptying buckets how funny is...
  14. Dusty666

    What do you look for in a camp site

    splitting powered sites is a great idea but you cant have designated areas as most groups have setups that need it and some dont, you dont want to go camping with your group and be seperated because of power, those who have spent the dollars to be self powered shouldnt have to pay extra for...
  15. Dusty666

    help with brand of camper trailer please

    Check out Brisane Camper Trailers, south of brizzy at Yatala, they will freight and the semi off road is awsome value, I saw them at a show and bought one a week later, wacked on a heap of extras which were great prices aswell, its done some miles now and plenty more to come.
  16. Dusty666

    What do you look for in a camp site

    Far enough away from the next campers, so you cant hear them and they cant hear my kids, my pet hate when camping is yelling at the kids. (shouldnt need to) There has to be swimmable water and no mozzies, sandflies etc
  17. Dusty666

    Need Auto Elec Outlander AC

    Thanx guys I think you might have saved me some $$$
  18. Dusty666

    Need Auto Elec Outlander AC

    Hi Guys Ive got a prob with the wifes Outlander the Airconditioning only works sometimes when it works it is cold but as if it is cycling only the car is hot an auto elec quoted to replace the compressor, but I feel if it is cold and switches on and of itself then it might be a thermostat or...
  19. Dusty666

    How did everyone spend Easter 2010

    Blobbed out on the coutch Sorry I couldnt have a cool trip story for ya's I watched the cats win Awsome Game
  20. Dusty666

    Iron Man Suspension

    not good Ive got a rodeo and have had no probs take it back and get it checked, mabee even on a dyno