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    Fraser Island Towing

    thanks guys, making me feel more confidient with every post...
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    Fraser Island Towing

    going solo .... thanks for the reply appreciate it, dont want to get up there and look like tossers or get stuck
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    Fraser Island Towing

    Wondering if any of you guys can help us out, we are heading to Fraser this year and are planning the trip out, has anyone got any experience they can share on towing on Fraser, we will obviously be travelling in our 4x4 (pajero) but were thinking of hiring a off road trailer for our gear, a...
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    The Bridle Track

    Blue Dog, Did you do Bridle in 1 day if so how long did it take you ? Is it a long day as we are thinking of doing it but have limited time cheers Bron
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    4X4 Earth on facebook?

    we are both on there
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    2009 O'Tooles Flat Gathering

    the ogs are 4 in total - dave, bron, blake (4) and kody (2) can you give me alittle more detailed info on the location so I can sent to planning the trip, ie a suburb and street address or location, I dont have GPS so I wanna where is it to work out when we will have to leave to get there and...
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    2009 O'Tooles Flat Gathering

    just back from middle earth,,,count us in,,,,cant wait to next gathering
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    Middle Earth (NSW) Meetup 3,4,5 & 6 July 2009 The Location Is Set

    leaving lunch time tomorrow,,,see you all tomorow night or friday morning,,,safe trip everyone
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    4x4 Earth Virgin...

    hello and welcome
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    Anyone keen for a ride? Sydney & surrounds

    ok we are keen if you guys are,,,who wants to organise it???
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    Middle Earth

    we have a cabin too,,thought be bit warmer for the kids,,looking forward to it,,,should be a good weekend,,knowing us we will pack just before we go,,me and the wife will take up one bag between us and the kids will fill the rest of the pajero with everything else,,
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    Middle Earth Meetup Activities & Details Of Event

    we are staying just 15 min away in cabins,,,does anyone have a mobile number so we can ring and see what times we are all heading on a treks or what channels cb will be set too?? we willbe up on the friday(hopefully even thursday at this stage)
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    Middle Earth Meetup Activities & Details Of Event

    The stockton permits are available at the lavis lane end from the metro servo on the corner.. and at the anna bay end from Birribi Beach Caravan park,, they are easy as to get hold of on any day of the week ...
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    Anyone keen for a ride? Sydney & surrounds

    hey there,,we often go 4 day trips and from sydney as well,,,what kinda tracks you looking for?? where have youu been
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    Middle Earth (NSW) Meetup 3,4,5 & 6 July 2009 The Location Is Set

    thanks guys for all your help cant wait to meet you all.
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    Middle Earth (NSW) Meetup 3,4,5 & 6 July 2009 The Location Is Set

    we are still kean as but I being a typical mum am not to kean on camping with our 2yo in the middle of winter since we are really only equiped for summer camping. that being said we are looking for a nearby cabin to stay in and will just come in and meet up each day to do the treks etc with you...
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    Hi from Sydney

    hello and welcome
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    never driven a 4wd

    welcome welcome
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    pajeros and some model tritons have them with oil pressure and volt meter on them too,,try the wrekers
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    Stolen Patrol

    sorry to hear mate,,hope someone gets them and kicks there ass