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  1. cradokaone

    Has anyone bought Titan ute drawers from supacentre?

    Have a set in 100 series landcruiser for 4 years. Lasting well in all regards. Lost a securing plug for one wing but it doesn't seem to matter. Value for money purchase for me..
  2. cradokaone

    Rural Ruins with an appearance of the Land Tadpole

    Station Ruins, May 2020, Southern Flinders Ranges. A glimpse of what was thought to be cropping country from c 1870-1920. ..but the rains stopped. It still produces sheep. With an appearance by the Land Tadpole. Ruins are local to the township of Cradock SA, which has free pub camping in normal...
  3. cradokaone

    Simpson Desert October 2019

    A trek that went via.. Hawker SA, Marree, Oodnadatta, Dalhousie, French Line, QAA, Birdsville, Walker Crossing, Coongie Lakes, Dig Tree, Innamincka, Balcanoona, Waukeringa, Yunta. Weather was mild with some fresh vegetation growth due to rain earlier in the year.
  4. cradokaone

    Anne Beadell March 2020

    13.39L/100 door to door
  5. cradokaone

    Anne Beadell March 2020

    Wasn't I? Couldn't believe what the fuss was all about when I had radio again. At Ilkurlka, Robert the manger said nobody had been through for 7 weeks and the contractors said zilch, that was my only contact with people for a fortnight.
  6. cradokaone

    Anne Beadell March 2020

    Just got it done before the Chinese Pox killed fun... Anne Beadell Highway traverses South and Western Australia and is approx. 1400kms long Surveyed and the track pushed through by Len Beadell and the Gunbarrel Construction Party. Made for military purposes in late 50's when UK/Australia were...
  7. cradokaone

    Boring..... Flinders Ranges

    Gotcha, hehe, about time you left the nest, your channel has been lonely...
  8. cradokaone

    Boring..... Flinders Ranges

    While out and about chanced upon a bore being sunk...
  9. cradokaone

    ..4 Graves north of Hawker, SA

    A little meander around the western Flinders Ranges..
  10. cradokaone

    Coongie Lake Nov '19

    Coongie Lakes. Much publicised by the Leyland brothers back in the day.(who can't remember their jingle hehe) Formerly part of the Kidman Cattle Empire, thence a regional reserve and since 31 March 2005 as the Coongie Lakes National Park. Interesting note re the Old Kudriemitchie Out Station...
  11. cradokaone

    Have a shower at Purni Bore

    Did you follow the black poly pipe from the bore head to the discharge point? Are you sure you were in the right desert? hehe.. As sights go it's not a patch on yesteryear, but that's life!
  12. cradokaone

    Have a shower at Purni Bore

    Flies were OK in late Oct this year, mozzies at various places were a bit trying1 hour before and after dusk..
  13. cradokaone

    Have a shower at Purni Bore

    Purni Bore A French Petroleum Company first drilled Purni Bore in the Simpson Desert as a strategic well in about 1964. When oil exploration activities ceased in the early 1980's the bore was left to flow wild, and created an artificial wetland. Over 80 species of birds were recorded there...
  14. cradokaone


    Here's a pic of the original Pattersons
  15. cradokaone

    Augustus Peoppel's corner..

    Poeppel Corner. Augustus Poeppel (1839–1891) was a surveyor and explorer in Australia. He surveyed the borders between Queensland, South Australia and the Northern Territory. Augustus Poeppel was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1839, the son of an architect. Emigrating with his family in 1849, he...
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    It is shiny.... time will fix that hehe
  17. cradokaone


    Awww gawd, sorry I missed that... on the other hand the solitude was great for our over nighter... seems like you can't have everything hehe
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    Located about 600 kilometres north of Adelaide, the tiny dusty town used to be a bustling railway hub. Railway made its way to Farina in 1882 and from then on, stock was transhipped to the southern areas of the country and supplies were delivered to outlying stations in the north. Originally...
  19. cradokaone

    Thumper Max Dual Air Compressor

    My son ran his double thumper in anger recently.. Ran well until the auto stop thingo died. Completed the job using my single barrel thumper. Currently waiting for feed back from the Kings mob as to the next move.
  20. cradokaone

    Page Family '63

    In December 1963, 5 members of the Page family perished after their vehicle had broken down in difficult mid summer conditions.