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  1. offroader3

    Installing a winch in a non-winch bar

    Re winch Hey Darren I have 80 series cruiser with non Arb winch bar and want to do this what and how do acquire the mount plate do u just rock up to Arb and they sell you the plate and what do u ask for ?? Sorry to sound like stupid question just thought they might get sus just asking for that...
  2. offroader3

    Installing a winch in a non-winch bar

    so i take it you can buy that mount plate from arb for the non winch bars ?
  3. offroader3

    Battery Draining

    sounds like parasitic current draw from the alternator i think it happens when a diode goes bad and allows curent to flow when vehicle turned off draining the battery ..try disconecting the wire from battery to b+ on back alternator and then refer auto elecs Cheers Andrew
  4. offroader3

    Fuel Glitch

    gday mate sounds like you have a stage in the carby at that throttle opening that is blocked and wont let fuel through so it leans out and you get that coughing and spluttering , i take it you would run on gas most of the time ?.. if so that is the reason you get failures in the carby side of...
  5. offroader3

    2000 sr5 hilux wont disengaged 4x4

    gday mate most electronic engaging 4wds wont totally disengage until u get rid of any wind up built whilst in 4wd ....easiest way is generally once disengaged have vehicle in a straight line preferably reverse the vehicle keeping it perfectly straight ,or just drive straight ahead and the light...
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    Do Not Stay @

    yeah like you say the website looks a bit ok i guess , but i dont think his campsite rate is any good max of 4 people per site that definately f@#$Ked ....
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    97 hilux intake noise.

    i was with toyota when those came out and pretty sure they called it intake boom really bad on the 5L motors , they may still have a field fix kit for them contact your local dealer cheers andrew
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    Newbie from Penrith

    gday and welcome to the site enjoy
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    how are ya

    gday ash welcome to the site enjoy
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    From Sydney to Perth

    gday raz welcome to the site hope you enjoy
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    im a newbie

    gday and welcome to the site enjoy .
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    Hey All

    gday ant welcome to 4x4 earth enjoy
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    Saying hello

    gday and welcome to the site mate
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    G'Day Everyone

    hey grant and welcome to 4x4 earth
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    wats doin

    hey pup welcome top site
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    gday all

    gday bigg gq welcome to 4x4 earth
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    newbie here Gday to u all

    Hey Darrell welcome to the site enjoy your time ...and good choice on the bullet proof 60 series ..
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