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  1. RIZ4WD

    Deisel exhausts melbourne

    Calvin at kleenflo exhausts in cranbourne. Cheapest i found and he does quality work. Got my hilux done from turbo back $650
  2. RIZ4WD

    neerim south or warby?

    I totally agree with ya mate. im still on my learners and getting my p's in november and i'm in the exact same boat as you. I'v been taught to 4wd in the appropriate ways that every 4wder should. When i get my P's i'll most likely spend every weekend up bush in my 4by like everybody else yet cop...
  3. RIZ4WD

    EOI - Day trip Gembrook this Sunday (7th July)

    isnt that area all locked up for seasonal closure?
  4. RIZ4WD

    Dumb Move

    Just to let you all know, it was my friends uncle who was airlifted out of the water. The dogs got rescued at 3am this morning and are both fortunately uninjured.... the crew he was with and him self are very experienced 4wders and know the area very well and i guess just were overly confident...
  5. RIZ4WD

    EOI - walhalla; 17/5 - 19/5

    I was thinking of doing a trip up there for queens birthday! Is it worth it? Are there enough tracks open and around and difficult enough to have some fun. Iv never been there so have no clue
  6. RIZ4WD


    That definitely looks like kalatha north. Lots of trees in the middle of the track, big boulders and goes forever!
  7. RIZ4WD


    Is it the one that seems like its never ending and goes for a few ks?
  8. RIZ4WD


    Sounds like kalatha north rd trk. Been up it twice and never made it up both times as it was wet. And that was in a rear locked hilux with 33's and gq on 35s Makes rocky look easy. Surprised its not talked about much
  9. RIZ4WD

    buying a gopro

    I have the gopro hero3 also and it does crash every now and then. When it does, just remove battery and put it back in and it should be good from there. They are temperamental little things but once you get to know them the absolutely awesome!!
  10. RIZ4WD

    New 4x4 shop

    went to arb to get a locker. hated the service, ended up getting the same arb locker for 50 bucks more at a terrain tamer outlet just because he actually wanted to give me the time of day. customer service.
  11. RIZ4WD

    Oil and battery light flashing

    thats exactly what mine did. took the alternator to an auto elec. he changed the regulator in it, $150 later it was as good as gold. no more dash lights and the battery was getting charge
  12. RIZ4WD

    Toyota hilux 1990

    Been a while since i last updated. not much has been done to it besides a set of surf seats and weathershields Planning a trip to Robe and down some of the Limestone coast in january, it'll be the trucks first long trip as we'll be down there for a week. Just gotta get the trucks in a...
  13. RIZ4WD

    Robe to Beachport - questions!!!

    Thanks Les, really appreciate that info. looking forward to it :)
  14. RIZ4WD

    Robe to Beachport - questions!!!

    Hi guys. The family and I are starting to plan a trip for this Christmas again after doing fraser island last year and had an absolute ball. We are preety set on doing the Robe to Beachport trek. camping 3 nights at a robe beach camp site, seeing the area for a few days then making our way down...
  15. RIZ4WD

    free version of ozi explorer

    probs a stupid question but does ozi work on mac?
  16. RIZ4WD

    Has anyone seen 4WDTV on 7Mate

    What night and time is it on? Wouldnt mind havin a look
  17. RIZ4WD

    Vic Wrecking 94 4 Runner

    Does the front driver seat have adjustable side lumbor support?
  18. RIZ4WD

    Toyota hilux 1990

    Cheers mate :)...There called bushranger flexi flares!! Got them from Tjm for about a hundred bucks!!
  19. RIZ4WD

    Toyota hilux 1990

    All cleaned up with canopy removed to see how she looks!
  20. RIZ4WD

    Toyota hilux 1990

    Just a bit of an update Tool/battery box i made in School Here she is covered in a bit of Toolangi mud!!