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    Hi from Jeepmeupscotty

    Thanks for a great site guys. :D I hope to be able to offer something of interest.:cool: JMUS
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    Towbar wanted for '97 Jeep Grand Cherokee

    If anyone has a towbar for this vehicle, please call me on 0410 575 544. Thanks, JMUS:cool:
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    Buying Points

    Hi to all. I've just found the site and reckon it's great. :D Just wondered if the mods had considered the thought of an individual being able to buy points to download maps etc... I understand that the idea is to get people to participate in the forums, etc... but sometimes someone may not...
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    What is the white build up on my battery posts?

    Coka Cola Coka cola cleans em up well but you'll have to rinse them with clean water afterwards of course.
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    Genuine Jeep Nudge Bar for Sale

    Hi to all. I have a brand new genuine Mopar (Jeep) nudgebar to suit a XJ Commander for sale for $250- (RRP $750 odd) if anyone is interested. They are a highly polished 75mm tube with a polished crossbar and look great. The bar comes with a fitting kit which may be easily modified to suit most...