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  1. Ramm

    New Defender?

    Found this in reddit. Apparently its the dash readout of the new defender. I'm just going to leave it here.
  2. Ramm

    There will be no more climbing on Ayers Rock

    I really think this is more about safety/litigation than indigenous folks concerns. We have tried this sort of stuff in Australia before. I didn't do anyone any favors.
  3. Ramm

    There will be no more climbing on Ayers Rock

    I had thought the ban on climbing had been in place for years. But to be honest it’s just another DO NOT CLIMB sign. These have been preventing me from climbing on cool stuff since I was a child. It’s not the end of the world.
  4. Ramm

    2019 Vic track closures

    Good Grief! People actually do that?
  5. Ramm

    2019 Jimny

    In all fairness you don’t have a Jimny to do the Canning. I used to have one because it was easy on fuel, good for city driving and as capable as I needed it to be off road. For that it was great. I do rather like the idea from the video of about having a trailer. It would be great to see if...
  6. Ramm

    Vic high country

    Hi folks. With winter approaching I'm starting to think of snow trip What are some tracks suitable for a first time snow driver? Cheers
  7. Ramm

    What the flip? Good ARB service?

    I went into ARB to get a roof rack. After a quick chat to the sales guy who just waved his hand and said roof racks are over there. I went elsewhere and I am very happy with my new roof rack.
  8. Ramm

    Macedon ranges Plantation

    Yeah. After the first car went through a bog hole I turned to a mate and said "I'm going to be smelling that for weeks".
  9. Ramm

    Macedon ranges Plantation

    We ended just doing tracks around the area. Even in the dry Anderson's mill track is fun. I can't wait to go back in winter. Then we started down diggers track but one of the vehicles lost clutch function at the bottom of a stinky boghole. It was a good day. Everyone needed recovery at some...
  10. Ramm

    Macedon ranges Plantation

    All great feedback. I'm not sure what a "shitter" specifically is in this context, but I think I get the point. On a more serious note. I keep hearing the term "gazetted road". What exactly does that mean?
  11. Ramm

    Macedon ranges Plantation

    Yup. It's fun unit.
  12. Ramm

    Jeep stuck on Rusty Nail

    I think some poor woman lost a leg in this accident. It's kind of nice that it looks like the local jeep community seems to be offering all kinds of assistance.
  13. Ramm

    Macedon ranges Plantation

    Hi folks Has anyone has any experience with driving through the soft wood plantation that has a border with wombat state forest in victoria? I have been thinking of maybe having a look around the area, but don't fancy been taken out by a log truck, or getting in their way. Obviously if its...
  14. Ramm

    2019 Jimny

    Yup it looks great.
  15. Ramm

    Little desert

    Heya Todd. Have you done this trip yet? I'm curious to know how it went?
  16. Ramm

    Lal Lal

    An afternoon at Lal Lal While ignoring my duties at work last week I noticed a tiny green patch just east of Bacchus Marsh (Vic) labelled Lal Lal – Bungal H.a. So as it had been raining for a few day and I had something to attend to in nearby Ballarat that coming Saturday I gave it a look in...
  17. Ramm

    What's between Melbourne and Perth?

    I have been daydreaming about doing a run from Melbourne to Perth and back one day. The current plan is to do East to west inland visiting Woomera & Maralinga along the way then take the coast on the way back. Has anyone got any tips or suggestions of where to visit along the way?
  18. Ramm

    Little desert

    Crossed it from east to west years ago. Maybe even 10 or 15 years ago. I remember maps were more helpful than I was expecting (couldn't afford gps then). Lots of native bees. Temperature was fine. *Edit* Oh yeah. And not a great place if you are precious about the vehicle paint getting scratched.
  19. Ramm

    Separate 4X4 licence classing

    Are there significant problems that would be fixed by separate 4x4 licencing?
  20. Ramm

    Hema HX-1

    Once I had the more detailed maps downloaded to the unit I was actually fairly impressed. They seem on par with any hard copy maps I have had in the past. The explorer mode is a great aid to navigation. It will make crossing featureless scrub deserts much easier than it has been with map and...