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    4 x 33" Simex Jungle Trekker Tyres on Chrome Rims

    Just not sure how to post pictures on here sorry. Can email them
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    4 x 33" Simex Jungle Trekker Tyres on Chrome Rims

    For Sale is 4 33" Jungle Trekker Tyres (33x11.5-15) on Hilux Rims Tyres have approximately 70% tread. (If you need a measurement email me please) The four rims are in good condition and may need a polish. Come off my 88 Hilux so they may suit another vehicle but Im not sure. Pick up...
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    4WD Tips for Newbie's

    you should have a ball but take your recovery gear there is a lot of fun stuff, but also a lot of stuff to bring you undone
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    Track download problem

    thanks for you reply. i dont get to see the usual download screen where u get to see the name of the file or where you get to save it
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    Track download problem

    Tried to download a track, the browser says it done, but I cant find the file. System also says ive downloaded the file when I try it again. Any suggestions
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    Lock Rite Diff Locks

    Lock Rite Does anyone know where I can get these installed. What are the main limitations. Can they be used front and rear.
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    4WD Tips for Newbie's

    dont go out alone for you first couple of times without a winch or some means of communication. Dont be afraid to get dirty
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    4WDriving near Sydney

    where abouts is the powerline track that is often mentioned. Could someone post a google earth image of it please
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    Do you use OziExplorer

    use ozi and oziexplorer ce. Find it quite useful in planning routes to explore. Do the research on the laptop at home and transfer it to the PDA for use in the car.
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    Feedback on 4x4 Earth GPS Recorder

    where can this be downloaded from?