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  1. vossy

    Mawbanna to Montumanna - Tas

    I went to Dip falls from the main road and from there drove onto montumanna via the dirt. While on this road I did some of the track exploring. As you head back out of Dip falls you should see a sign to the right that says Montumanna. This is the road I took. Hope this helps
  2. vossy

    Mawbanna to Montumanna - Tas

    I went through that way earlier in the year and found it to be quite easy and relaxing as 4x4ing goes. I take it that the locals have named some of the tracks eg: "Russells track" and "Jeffs track" because most of the tracks were sign posted. The only thing you need to be careful of are the...
  3. vossy

    Rant on youtube

    I just had a 5 - 6 minute power nap :D
  4. vossy

    Our surf is dead!

    If all else fails you could turn the Lux into a chook shed like my mate did with his old cruiser a couple of years back. He couldn't justify forking out 6 - 7 k for a rebuild. Or Maybe put the rebuild money towards another 4b ( if finances permit of course)
  5. vossy

    Introducing... Me

    G'day fellow South ozzie!
  6. vossy

    Emu's or old Boots...

    I always thought that emu tasted a bit like buffalo wings. Seriously though Emu meat tastes beautiful if cooked in a camp oven with a couple stubbies of Coopers Pale Ale (you can see I'm a South Ozzie) poured in over the top to keep it moist. Yummmmmmmm
  7. vossy

    hey guys with the 4wd bug

    Welcome Stuart. Gotta love the old school cruisers
  8. vossy

    What Does YOUR Display Name Mean?

    Vossy started waaaaaaayyyyyyyy back in high school. My real name is Steve which morphed into Steevo, then morphed again into Stevos (dont ask me why or how) then morphed some years later into just Vos when I started work. Some still call me Vos but it has kinda now morphed into Vossy, (which I...
  9. vossy

    4x4 magazines

    I usually buy 4x4 monthly but will have to look out for 4x4 action next time i'm in the newsagents (which is not that often)
  10. vossy

    Never ending story (July On)

    in the making
  11. vossy

    Car Battery Submersed Why Does It Still Work?

    Car batteries are very good at holding their breath. Wellllll that's what I've been told:D
  12. vossy

    My Accidents...

    funny you should say that Frosty, because after the air bourne stunt work my mate was not only glad to be alive but he was stoked not to spill a drop of beer. (mine ended up all over my lap)
  13. vossy

    Never Ending Story - 3 Words Per Post

    shocked onlookers with
  14. vossy

    My Accidents...

    As Heels doesnt like bikes and THIS is a 4x4 site I wont go on about any of my bike mishaps. But as for 4x4 s go many years ago a mate and I were very lucky to walk away and laugh at an accident we had after a footy grand final. If you're like me and you watch Topgear, you may remember the one...
  15. vossy

    4x4 earth

    I think this site has it all - information, laughs, and a good sense of 4x4 community spirit. Well done to all concerned
  16. vossy

    What do YOU do!

    I'm a part time Tech studies teacher and also in my spare time I'm a qualified Equine (thats horses for the people who dont know) Bowen Therapist. This is mainly because my wife and I have a horse property and we have been around horses for a long long time. Also It's quite interesting.
  17. vossy

    New 2 4x4

    Welcome supersal. Alot of 4x4 knowledge to be had here.
  18. vossy

    Who buys their fuel from Coles?

    I found the shell fuel (Diesel) for some reason gives me worse economy than all the others. I'm talking only a small amount. Even my bike hates shell fuel. As for the shopper dockets the 2 petrol stations close to me (shell and caltex) the shell is always 4 to 6 cents dearer than the caltex...
  19. vossy

    Things you see when you have a camera

    This wasn't taken in victoria by any chance. If so could it be classed as a Mexican stand off??
  20. vossy

    Sunset - Dingo Dell , Flinders Ranges

    Great pics bushnut. I remember camping there several years ago. Must get back there, especially after seeing those photos