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    Recommend wildlife experiences across Australia

    We had a fantastic experience camping at the Broome Bird Observatory with its resident Bower Bird tending its bower and the dozens of green tree frogs in the dunnies. The walking tracks were very informative about the local birdlife and the nearby shoreline was covered with thousands of tiny...
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    Post your night pics

    Had a great night at the Hebel Hotel when we crossed the border into QLD recently!
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    Bush Fungi Stuff

    These colourful guys have been popping up all over town!!
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    Solo High Country Run

    Great video, certainly has got me motivated to learn a bit more about focus stacking.
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    My nephew commented that it wasn't actually stolen, it ran away from home!!
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    New YouTube channel

    Found this very informative ToddyH. Look forward to the next episode
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    Where am I 2020.

    Cabramurra it is....they obviously don't have a winter comp there!!
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    Where am I 2020.

    Bomber2012 and Silkwood, I think you guys are thinking of the right town, you just don't have the right name.
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    Where am I 2020.

    It is very unforgiving at the top. The tennis courts are in a NSW town though not too sure if they are still there after recent events.
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    Where am I 2020.

    Hope Khancoban never gets that cold, looking to move there in the very near future.
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    Where am I 2020.

    Where might these tennis court be??
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    Where am I 2020.

    Near Pink Lakes in Murray Sunset National Park?
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    sand fly repellant

    We were told to take Betamin (Vitamin B) tablets before our trip to the Kimberley. Had no issues with sandflies the whole time we were away but can't guarantee that this was the cure but, mind you, it did have other benefits if you'd had a big night!! If all else fails try drinking tonic water -...
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    Huts lost in KNP Sad to see these huts gone, including our favourite. Four Mile hut. Had a huge new years eve here. Fell asleep at 9:00 pm after a big walk. Delaneys Hut Sawyers Hill Rest House Happys Hut Brooks Hut Wolgal Lodge Kiandra Court House Pattersons...
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    Lightweight, strong, compact and comfortable camp chairs

    I have a Denali version of this chair which I have had for several years - it is extremely lightweight, comfortable and easy to put back in the bag. I think it would be ideal for your kids.
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    NSW Crew do Vic

    Thanks for sharing Toddyh, looks like a lot of fun was had by all!