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  1. letsgoplaces

    Travel Buddy Oven Trays

    Hi Rory I'll grab 2 mate and I'll pay by direct deposit as well. Shoot me a pm with payment instructions and the cost to send to Eden Hills SA Cheers mate
  2. letsgoplaces

    Help... Lost in the world of diff locks!

    A TJM store was clearing out lockers for the Pajero for $600 and I picked up the compressor from the Caravan and camping show for $195 I had a local diff specialist fit it, and that was a tad more expensive than I was anticipating at $1300. But around $2100 all up Got to lock it in over the long...
  3. letsgoplaces

    12 volt oven

    Yes, for the large as well Cheers
  4. letsgoplaces

    What Cheeses Me Off!!!!

    It's not available now
  5. letsgoplaces

    Underbody protection

    I'm not sure what model you have, but the two cars mentioned here are both NW There are two of us on the pajero forum that were the 'guinea pigs' for FMIC's made by two different companies. While I don't have a winch, one was fitted to the car during the fabrication for being able to fit a...
  6. letsgoplaces

    Underbody protection

    That's a good excuse for a FMIC :D
  7. letsgoplaces

    WHERE AM I ? A bit of fun..

    Not Kings Canyon, but close Got it :D
  8. letsgoplaces

    WHERE AM I ? A bit of fun..

    Here you go
  9. letsgoplaces

    WHERE AM I ? A bit of fun..

    But I don't get up as early as you :D
  10. letsgoplaces

    What Cheeses Me Off!!!!

    Yep, sad if it is true. She did her time and quite frankly I don't give a sh.. and haven't been following the media reporting. And especially media whore Mercedes A Bali jail didn't make her want to top herself, but if it is true, it's suicide by media
  11. letsgoplaces

    30 second wing awning

    I thought the ostrich wing had closed up shop in Oz Or are you dealing direct with SA? I'm interested
  12. letsgoplaces

    Awesome new Digital Compressor brings the Servo to you for inflating tyres!

    At the 12 second mark of the video, a statement comes up saying it works with any 12v compressor
  13. letsgoplaces

    Prices of Diesel along the Woomera - Oodnadatta- Mt Dare- Birdsville- Marree - Leigh Creek loop

    In July, Hawker $1.35, Oodnadatta $1.77, Birdsville $1.60 and Lyndhurst was $1.49
  14. letsgoplaces

    2012 NW Platinum Paj - the good/the bad?

    Hi Franky, Jump onto the Pajero forum,, and have a good read there Cheers
  15. letsgoplaces

    2012 NW Platinum Paj - the good/the bad?

    Hi Doon, I've had mine for about 18 months now and couldn't be happier :D Really is a great car on and off road, but like hiluxdriver says, proof of maintenance is the key. It does look a bit different from the avatar picture now... nothing that $8 can't fix :p Good luck
  16. letsgoplaces

    Alice to Birdsville to Adelaide after the Finke race

    No worries mate, and a lesser mechanically minded person, aka me :p, would have been on the sat phone No trip is without mishaps, it's just the severity that differs :rolleyes: I know what you mean by dirty. One time driving off The Lands, the only part of the car not caked in mud was where the...
  17. letsgoplaces

    Contacting Trophy Truck 481

    Hi guys, James is getting a satphone off me today, and he is meant to give me a buzz when he gets to my building. Problem is, I left me mobile at home. :mad: ALL GOOD, he has made contact.... crisis averted :D Cheers John
  18. letsgoplaces

    R u ok?

    Monday was the first march after dad passed away in October. I will keep walking tall and proud for him