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    A quick lap, wisdom needed.

    Khancoban Dam in June
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    A quick lap, wisdom needed.

    A drive around Kiandra, Cabramurra you should certainly have some snow. Push on to Jindabyne and the drive past Thredbo, Dead Horse Gap to Khancoban is one of the most scenic drives in winter. There's camping at Tom Groggin and Geehi. I would stay at Geehi, views in winter are very good. This...
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    What Cheeses Me Off!!!!

    Who uses a torn off piece of toe nail for dental care. Best bush toothpick there is.
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    I can remember my father saying, "Everything I purchase costs 39 cents." He obviously didn't do a lot of shopping. But they were. A 20 pack of Craven A A longneck of beer 1 gallon of petrol
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    Interesting pics

    A friend has this little gem in his rather cluttered garage. Looks to be in good knick, are they worth anything?
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    What music do you listen to?

    Shouldn't knock Keith. This is a classic tune. Keith could have been a little mischievous.
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    Weather Watch

    Probably won't be your first go to weather app. But flowx is a good app for planning trips.
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    What made you smile

    Understand what you mean. We're doing a house sit for a few weeks near Pambula. The house backs on to the Yowaka river, almost dry and that's where they pump the water from. Been for a few drives and walks and the dead timber on the ground is a bit scary. Enjoy your rain.
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    Your best music album of all time.

    A great era for live LP's. Allman Brothers live at Fillmore East was pretty good. At the pub last night for a feed, there was some singing show on TV. Judges were crying, can't blame them, not a lot of musical talent there.
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    Goodnight, don't let the bed bugs bite. How was that going to make you go to sleep.
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    Your best music album of all time.

    When guitarist James Cruikshank died about 8 years ago I thought The Cruel Sea was finished. Did see they're to play at Bluesfest. My favourite album of theirs is Rock and Roll Duds.
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    Googs Track, 50 years on.

    Family behind Googs Track celebrates 50 years since SA four-wheel drive link was bulldozed - ABC News
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    Digital driver's licences

    Bottleshops in the NT etc. Don't accept phone licences, they need the hard plastic variety.
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    Cel-fi experiences

    Spent over 3 months in WA recently with Boost as our phone service. Reception, if you could get any was weak or heavily congested. Streaming TV, footy etc was generally not possible. There were a lot of Starlink customers out there very happy with their purchase. At $170 (roughly) per month for...
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    Wikicamps update

    Not happening today.