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  1. teza h

    Pics of your 4wd in Beautiful Places

    Flinders Ranges
  2. teza h

    How to disconnect coax from uhf antenna base?

    I think the point was,or the question rather,was how do you connect the coax directly into the antana bass.I would also like to know this,as re routing the cable is a job that i would rather avoid if possible. Cheers teza.
  3. teza h

    Byfield National Park Solo Explore Trip

    Yeh! Same as the others,top effort mate ,thanks.Might have to do some of that on the next Fraser Is trip,,,that is when we can cross borders again.
  4. teza h

    Hi-Clone products

    I found a couple of em in my 90 prado wile doing some service work on it.They are now siting on my work bench,I haven't noticed any difference at all realy.
  5. teza h

    Has any one been up along the Turon lately?

    dri Just wondering what the track is like these days,might head out from Capertee for a weekend
  6. teza h

    show us your camp setups!!

    It;s brand is ANTENERGY, I got it on line a few years ago for about $450.It's been pretty good.
  7. teza h

    show us your camp setups!!

    Since then I'v made some changes,I removed the rear seat and fitted a 50 ltr water tank and moved the fridge and ice box for eazy acsess and fitted a fox wing like awning.
  8. teza h

    Bellied at Bremer

    Thanks for the vids mate,always good to see what is out there.Cheers Teza.
  9. teza h

    4WD Paradise | Fish Creek - Western Australia.

    Nice work man,Love it down that way. Hope to revisit soon.
  10. teza h

    Pics of your 4wd in Beautiful Places

    Welcome back to the MAD HOUSE....HA!HA!
  11. teza h

    Easter 2019 @ Lincoln NP & Whalers Way

    Thanks for the trip report n great pics....SA is on our travel list.
  12. teza h

    Slide on Campers.

    Yeh! For sure,I'v got a air foil on mine and it dose make a big diferance.But I think you would only fit one on a duel cab
  13. teza h

    Cape York 1970

    Thanks for that Noel,I love seeing the old pics on epic trips.I have some old super 8 footage from around 1974 which i can only vew with the old projector in 3 minut reels.I would like to save it somehow.
  14. teza h

    Moss Vale to Fitzroy Falls

    Eazy mate,a few pudles a small creek and some nice bush and vews.Have a good day.
  15. teza h

    Solo Vic High Country tour

    Thanks for the great report n pics. Wife and I are headind down that way for a cupla weeks on Sunday.Looking forward to it.
  16. teza h

    Slide on Campers.

    Realy it depends on what you want to do with it,there are heaps of good ozy made ones on the market.I'm looking my self ATM, I still want good off road ability and good sterdy legs on it for camping without the ute under it,also I dont want any soft material on the out side that dosen't fold...
  17. teza h

    Toby Price

    A true Champ......Love Dakar.
  18. teza h

    NSW Crew to Vic 2018 Report

    Yeh! nice one Bill, nice pics and report there........Mell and I just dont get out enough any more,always somthing.
  19. teza h

    Technology taking the challenge out of exploring (?)

    There's still adventure out there, you just have to go that bit further......But now the risk is a bit less with all our modern teck.
  20. teza h

    Pretty Beach NSW.

    Looks nice and quiet there at the time,It's nice to just get away sometimes just for a night even.We sometimes do it just to light a fire and chill out in a nice place.