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    Melbourne to Cape York 2017

    Just wondering if anyone is going to Cape York this year? Wanted to know best time of year, months etc.. We have Nissan Patrol with winch, mud tyres, snorkel - the lot! with off road camper trailer. Our friends have cancelled on us at the last minute. Can you do it solo? Mark
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    Crossing Simpson Desert - French Line

    Just wondering if anyone has some recent experience crossing the Simpson Desert from Birdsville to Dalhousie Springs with an off road camper trailer. We are headed to Birdsville races in Sept and will then head off into the Simpson travelling on the French Line to Dalhousie Springs. Lots...
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    downloading maps to Magellan Triton 500

    Thanks for your help mark
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    downloading maps to Magellan Triton 500

    Gps Thanks mate. That's what we need to download. Can you pls reply and type the web address. thanks mark:)
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    downloading maps to Magellan Triton 500

    magellan triton 500 yes if someone does a trip and puts in GPS points then i would like to do the same trip. So i could download his GPS points onto my magellan triton 500 GPS and do the trip myself.
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    downloading maps to Magellan Triton 500

    Can any one tell me if I can download other users maps from this website onto my Magellan Triton 500. My GPS does not appear to be in the list of options?? Need help! Mark
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    diesel-gas conversion

    hi ive got dieses / gas on a 2004 nissan patrol have done 50000 km we have put it on are tractor an have better fuel ecom an more power . Mark
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    diesel-gas conversion

    diesel gas diesel gas
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    diesel gas

    Have had no trouble at all with the diesel gas. My boss uses this fuel for the tractors at work and his Patrol and Nivara and he too has had no problems. Waiting on the boss to give me all the details. Will then post all details. Cheers Mark
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    Gippsland/Latrobe Valley Forum

    sound like fun. Can't what for a trip to meet new freinds mark&lisa
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    diesel gas

    Thanks to everyone who enquiried about the diesel gas I have on my Patrol. I will post the inform this week. Cheers Mark
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    Middle Creek Track, Churchill/Hazelwood

    Recently we went on a day trip to middle creek road. However the road is closed from Oct to middle of March 09 for forestry reasons. Cheers Mark & Lisa
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    G'day there!

    Hello from Mark & Lisa. We are new to the site. Have a Patrol with 2" lift, 33" tyres, running diesel gas. Done a bit of 4wdriving.