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    uneven tyre wear

    Tyre wear after lift is caused by incorrect wheel alignment or over/under tyre pressures. I would ask for the alignment data from when it was aligned after the lift was done. They should give you the data. We always give the printout of the before and after. This will tell you what was done. If...
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    255 85 16 Mud Terrains

    Check out our facebook page. Km2 and ko on sale at the moment. Use that as a guide and phone around your area as the specials are nation wide so you should be able to get locally. It's only 17's they don't seem to have discounted.
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    Trying to drum up a group event here in perth. Keep an eye on wa events and we will see what we can do. Pretty good tracks up there though mate. Can you still get through to the burrup past the gas plant up the jump up? It's been a few years since I was up there
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    ironman fridge problem!

    mate dont try and fix it.. take it back to where you got it from maybe call them first. They will have a record of you buying it. They are pretty good with warranyt issues. We are a dealer so if they dont look after you let me know mate and will see what I can do for you.
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    lifting 2005+ hilux

    Tough Dog and Ironman4x4 have worked well for me. :)
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    West Oz Xmas Catchup

    thanks for the support mate.. I wont give up!! :)
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    Toyota Prado GX 2012

    Toyota Prado GX, 2012 Good Points Its a Toyota Bad Points Doesn't have too many yet!! What mods have you done? These are this weeks mods complete Sorry about the bad photo.. Don't have the best camera or phonecamera.. Stock 2012 GX Prado now has the following...
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    G'day from Perth

    welcome .. more west aissies!! great
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    Hey from WA

    welcome mate.. more west aussies is good!! :)
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    welcome mate..
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    Where To Buy 40" Mud Tyres

    US suppliers can get 40's for me.. scary pricing though BFG LT40x14.5R-@) Mud Terrain KM-2 $1600 landed to your door including freight, GST, customs etc LT40x15.5R-20 Yokohama Mud Terrain $1350 landed at your door including bla bla bla Still waiting for Yokohama Australia to confirm if...
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    Where To Buy 40" Mud Tyres

    Good find. Keen to get details. Getting so hard to get this big stuff.
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    Where To Buy 40" Mud Tyres

    Hey mate. Nothing back today from Yokohama or our us suppliers. Should hopefully hear something Monday for you.
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    Awning light

    my wife acts like a mosquito sacrifice for me.. they go to her and leave me alone.. I find that works well for me.. :)
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    Awning light

    Have you seen the Cordless Ultralight that Ironman 4x4 sells? Great worklight working under cars in the workshop let alone in the bush.. but the secret to this thing is the "Bug - R - Off" technology.. It emits no UV light that supposedly means the light is invisible to most insects.. and...
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    Awning light

    depends what mood you are looking for!! ha ha
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    Where To Buy 40" Mud Tyres

    nice.. got any photos?
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    Where To Buy 40" Mud Tyres

    37's are a quantum leap cheaper than 40's.. but you are right.. most big brands don't bring the big stuff in to oz as there isn't the volume market for them here. what beast did you put the 37's on?
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    Where To Buy 40" Mud Tyres

    just had the national sales manager of yokohama on the phone.. he will speak to Japan tomorrow re: whether they can access the big US sizes.. will see how we go :)
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    Where To Buy 40" Mud Tyres

    I was curious as to what the big beast was wanting those shoes.. I will question Yokohama for you.. They would be around $800 landed at your door if they will let us bring then in Can also get confirmation on the BFG's from the states.. slightly different size though a 14.5R not a 15.5R...