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  1. bludnut

    stupid laws

    :( That really stinks man. I too think you should get onto the media. I hate the mongrels, but if you can use 'em to get things done in your favour, well.... cheers
  2. bludnut

    wheel rotation with modern 4x4's

    It's not as simple as it once was. Now-a-days alot of tyres, 4x4 included, are uni-directional. Unless you go to a tyre dealer to have them rotated, you can only shift them from front to back, keeping each pair on their respective side. More cost for maintenance. :) cheers
  3. bludnut

    I know it's done to death...

    Excellent. Top site ChallengeLee. Thanks mate:D cheers
  4. bludnut

    I know it's done to death...

    Thanks bullfrog. Sand Bar might too far. I live about 1.5 hrs from the QLD border, in the Northern Rivers. We only want to travel about 2hrs max. Say, from Coffs, north to the border. Thanks for the suggestion though. cheers
  5. bludnut

    I know it's done to death...

    Gudday people, I know the subject of "where can I camp" has been done to death, but I've searched and can not find what I'm after. I'm looking for somewhere to camp on the Far North Coast of N.S.W. with a dog. Prefer close to a beach, basic facilities (shower, toilet) etc. Thanks...
  6. bludnut

    Use it or take it home.

  7. bludnut

    Inskip video

    good effort bloke :)
  8. bludnut

    Freezing the lettuce

    this is what we do. broken up into leaves and sealed in bags, slightly damp, and it'll keep for ages in the fridge.:) cheers
  9. bludnut

    Putting Photos inline in your posts

    split pin, there is a free program on the microsoft website, its in the power toys section. it puts a image re-sizer into right click. too easy. cheers
  10. bludnut

    RB20 Turbo +5 spd.

    gudday people, got a RB20 and 5 speed listed on ebay for my nephew. if anyones interested, RB20 turbo + 5 speed - eBay Other Engines, Components, Engines, Components, Car Parts, Accessories, Cars, Bikes, Boats. (end time 24-Nov-09 13:49:43 AEDST) :)
  11. bludnut

    Mq/mk Patrols X 2

    all this goes to scrap by the weekend.. be sorry to see it all go to waste
  12. bludnut

    Mq/mk Patrols X 2

    1- MQ PATROL complete and running. L28 auto separate transfer LWB 7 seater split rims w/roadworthy highway tyres. alloy b/bar hayman reece towbar spare tyre carrier very rusty (terminal actually) mechanically good, L28 has weber conversion. 2- MK...
  13. bludnut

    Lift Mate - High Lift Jack

    only thing that would concern me would be possible cosmetic damage....
  14. bludnut

    G'day from Adelaide.

    gudday shane, welcome mate..
  15. bludnut

    gday from tropical north--cairns

    gudday and welcome joey
  16. bludnut

    Hello from Cairns

    gudday and welcome partymarty. enjoy the forum
  17. bludnut


    gudday ashmist, welcome to the forum. good luck with your oz trip mate... cheers jason
  18. bludnut

    Nissan Patrol 2002 (THE GOLDEN ONE)

    nice lookin rig there goldrush...
  19. bludnut

    Gday to all

    gudday goldrush, welcome to the forum
  20. bludnut


    gudday gutshot and welcome