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  1. macand

    Gold Coast Mechanic

    Can anyone recommend a good mechanic in the Broadbeach/Gold Coast area? Wanted to get a pre-purchase inspection done. Thanks
  2. macand

    Tow bar wiring

    Hi all. Elementary wiring question, but I brought a genuine Nissan tow bar for my Thai-built D40 Navara. It came with the wiring harness. This plugs straight into the wiring for the tail lights. My question is, do I need to earth the new wiring to the chassis, or would the tail lights be already...
  3. macand

    Hunter Range Trip /Putty State Forest and Wollemi National Park

    That does sound good, have always wanted to get down to the Brindabella's
  4. macand

    Hunter Range Trip /Putty State Forest and Wollemi National Park

    We should organise something then. Tell your missus to wear a blindfold for steep bits!
  5. macand

    Hunter Range Trip /Putty State Forest and Wollemi National Park

    It's a great book, isn't it! My partner and I have ticked of about 12 of them. Keep us informed if you're planning on any more soon, always good to have others to explore with
  6. macand

    Meryla S.F. NSW

    We should try and organise a day trip then!
  7. macand

    Meryla S.F. NSW

    I had a quick look around Meryla on the weekend - would be keen to go back sometime soon if anyone wanted to meet up for a day of exploring the tracks?
  8. macand

    Tyre Wear

    Here is a picture of the tyre by the way....
  9. macand

    Tyre Wear

    I think you need your suspension looked at (alignment, camber, shocks etc). Thanks, am doing that next week. Will keep you posted
  10. macand

    Tyre Wear

    Hi all. I've got a set of 265's Cooper AT3's on my D40 Navara. The tyres have approx 60,000km on them and overall are wearing really well. I've noticed some severe flat spots occurring on my front drivers side only, and the inner part of that tyre has gone really bald, really quickly. I was...
  11. macand

    D40 Navara long-range tank

    Thanks for that mate. Seems like the old adage is true here too - you get what you pay for sometimes. Quality costs $$
  12. macand

    D40 Navara long-range tank

    Has anyone fitted a replacement tank, or auxiliary tank, to their D40 diesel? I'm looking at the Long Range Automotive replacement 150L tank. Any feedback/advice would be appreciated. Andrew
  13. macand


    Sorry for the late reply, you've probably already made a decision by now..... I have one, absolutely brilliant! I wouldn't bother buying a kit lens with it - get the 35mm f1.8 Ripper of a lens, cheap too - top quality photos!
  14. macand

    Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX5V

    Sony DSC-HX5V I brought the Sony just after xmas, not having any camera/photography previously. I spent a while talking to a few people and eventually went with the Sony. After doing a photography course and doing further research on camera's I'm pleased that I made a good choice. The camera is...
  15. macand

    First mods for D40 Navara

    I'd like your opinions on what to tackle first in modifying my D40 ST Navara. I've only done sand driving so far (Stockton) - the first thing that was obvious was that more clearance would be ideal. I was thinking suspension & tyre upgrade. But, wanting to head bush (nothing too extreme) I'm...
  16. macand

    Hi - new 4x4 convert here

    Hi all Recently got a 4x4 - a Navara D40 - and looking to meet some people and get involved in mods, joining a group, and seeing all the amazing things I've only been able to see in photo's so far. So come and say hi, would love to here from other D40 owners, to discuss the next steps in...