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  1. tweed prado

    [VIDEO] Camping in Australian Bush (Tooloom Falls, Condamine River)

    the lake area looked like toonanbar dam and i believe both spots are in NSW. I know QLD have some of the best camping spots but do you need to steal NSW camping spots as well.(just joking) Great Video well done. :):)
  2. tweed prado

    Jhonnos Campers, Mars Campers, Southern Cross

    Remember with the Prado it has large swing door so you will need a longer than standard draw bar or any gear bolted to the front pushed right back. As with brands try to stay Aussie made and you will always get better quality.
  3. tweed prado

    your recommendation

    I have a camel camper from brisbane. Great camper and aussie made.Just remember you do get what you paid for and there are alot on the market second hand. Also remember that the Prado rear door swings out so you will need a long draw bar to allow for this.On our tailer I had to puush the stone...
  4. tweed prado

    Emergency campfire cooking advice needed urgently

    if you have a camp oven just try a small roast lamb with vege's. A small one will take only an hour. Pork chops covered in BBQ sause and cook for 40 min to an hour turning a couple of times If you have a frying pan A simple curry
  5. tweed prado

    ARB Sales falling

    I found my dealings with ARB to be execellent, Good service and good support. I know the product is dearer but i liked the look and herd good things about the local supplier. You will always hear good/Bad stories about any company/buisness and as people know it is harder to get a good...
  6. tweed prado

    Clarence River Wilderness Lodge

    Stayed at a number of locations out this way, it is great for camping in winter with a good fire. Wave Hill station is unreal, toonanbar dam is okay and taloom falls isn't to bad either.
  7. tweed prado

    egg stowage

    i just keep them in their own carton in a larger container pack in tea towels and paper towels so the carton doesn't move. had been no troubles yet touch wood. Also i keep them in the back of the 4wd on top.
  8. tweed prado

    Northern nsw fishing and 4x4

    you have lennox head, i think you need a permit and south ballina down to evans heads is a good beach run. both beaches do get busy over the hol's.
  9. tweed prado

    burrum coast NP

    Thinking of going to burrum coast national park (kinkura section). Just wondering if anyone has been there and could give me some feed back on the place. Also can off road camper trailers be taken in there. Are the camp sites big because there will be 2 families or do we need to book 2 sites and...
  10. tweed prado

    Janowen Hills 4WD Park Easter 2013

    i went to gordon country last easter, what a great spot . good country nice temps and some easy but good drives, but be warned? make sure you get there easter thursday morning or earlier if you can and go over into the 4wd access areas away from the showers/toilets. Last year, 2011 there...
  11. tweed prado

    doing the cape solo

    just go. i went last october and had a ball. there wasn't alot of people around but you see them now and then. the good thing is you get to choose campsites. the 15th is a little late, when we went it was the start of the month and some of the buisnesses were starting to wind down then.
  12. tweed prado


    i have an 80 and when the error light comes on it is for low battery or dirty point and i even found a loose fitting can cause it. lighter socket a little bigger then normal or the fridges fitting just doesn't some connections. Also when you tested the socket was it earthing correctly. it...
  13. tweed prado

    Cheap AT tires

    i have cooper at3 on prado good tyre hasn't let me down. on my hilux which is mainly work and some light bush bashing i have maxis and so far touch wood they have been fine. they are a good all round tyre.
  14. tweed prado

    cape york a/ts or m/ts

    i did cape york last oct with cooper AT's and they where fine. At that time of the year you mainly need good strong tyres for the development road.
  15. tweed prado

    What's your number 1 camp oven meal

    All i do is Dry the meat and insert finely choped garlic into it,About 2cm apart just under the skin. Rub oil over the skin add salt,pepper,rosmary and thyme over the entire roast. Then place in camp oven on a trivet with a cup full of water on the bottom(not touching the meat). Place on coals...
  16. tweed prado

    best place gold coast for suspension work

    ARB burliegh i can't fault them. i know people will say arb are dear but the service was great and the support service good as well.
  17. tweed prado

    redarc bcdc

    i'm looking at putting something similar in my setup. i currently have a dual battery system in the prado and the charge to the trailer is not the greatest because of the long run. to clean it up i need to put the dcdc charger as close to the second battery(in the trailer) as possible to get...
  18. tweed prado

    track's are not dump site's

    i would like to know how these people sleep at night. in general we are all doing the right thing,taking our rubbish home even clening other peoples mess. People are complainig(rightly so)about areas being gated and shut after doing the right things. But these low life oxygen theifs are...
  19. tweed prado

    Cape York - Rooftop or ground tent

    i was up there last year and my 2 boys slept in swags on the ground no problem. Like everyone has stated you just have to think before setting up and that would apply for a roof top as well, you still cook,eat and drink(sorry wrong order) on the ground. A roof top would be good for a clean bed...
  20. tweed prado

    Why would you bother Camping

    i saw a guy a couple of years ago at yamba with the same idea on his camper trailer, it looked like they had been on the site for the entire xmas break. so if your in the one spot for a month with power anything to keep the family happy in summer.