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    snake racings 4inch lift for hilux

    Correction. There is no such thing as a "roadworthy" kit. There is what you call "ADR compliant", however i am not aware of any aftermarket lift kits (of any height) that are currently ADR compliant. Even if they were, as soon as you change anything else, like the bull bar or side steps, you...
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    D22 Navara - Snake Racing 3" Lift

    Part for part, the Snake Racing kits are by far the best value on the market. For about $2k you get everything including the new upper control arms (for more front end wheel travel), H/D idler arm brace, H/D steering rack ends, braided brake lines and fully adjustable Tough Dog or Rancho...
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    snake racings 4inch lift for hilux

    Ah... other than winding up your torsion bars, there is no such thing as a 2" lift for the pre 2005 IFS Hilux. If you do this you're adding stress to your CV's and limiting the down travel of the suspension. If anything the 4" Snake Racing kit takes the stress OFF the components.