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    Hello All! Newbie here.

    Welcome aboard. If I didn`t have so many to cart around, I`d love to own a zook.
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    Not to green Newbie

    Welcome aboard.
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    Hi from this newbie

    Welcome aboard.
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    newbie here Gday to u all

    Welcome aboard. Good buy.
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    Newbie from Penrith

    Hi ibi, good to see another Delicaclub member on here. Have fun.
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    New Member

    Hi animal. Welcome.
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    Saying hello

    Welcome aboard.:)
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    hi everybody

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    New member - Jason Lock

    Hi Jason, welcome.
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    Hi Jaques, welcome aboard.
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    Hi Anthony, welcome.
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    I have family in Kingaroy, nice area. Welcome aboard.
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    4x4 Anonymous intro

    Hi Mark, have fun.
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    Hi from OMan

    Welcome aboard.
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    Early Warning system

    Thanks Grumpy, Just registered. Cheers, Slim.
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    How dumb do I feel!

    Feeling pretty stupid at the moment. Have been trying to log on for the last few days, only to be blocked.:confused: Finally realised that I was trying to log onto 4X4 Global.:o Obviously enough, I`m not a member on that site. Please oh please somebody tell me that they have made the same...
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    What toppings do you add to your steak?

    Hi all, I love experimenting and making my own marinades. Tried this one yesterday on some cheap cuts, worked a treat. 1/4 cup of red wine. (if it aint good enought to drink, it aint good enough to use). 1 teaspoon of hot english mustard. 1 teaspoon of wholegrain mustard. 1 teaspoon of...
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    Thanks for the warm welcome. appreciate it. Are there many members in my neck of the woods? Cheers, Pat.
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    Hi all, Just wanted to say hello, found this site thru delicaclub, looks like a lot of fun.:) Cheers, Slim(Pat).