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  1. madmonk

    INEOS Grenadier.

    I am always looking for my next 4WD and have been watching the Ineos for some time. I don't think I will ever be able to afford a new 4WD but willbe interested to see how these hold their resale value down the track. In regards to spare parts, being that the engine is made by BMW and the...
  2. madmonk

    Snake bite remedy

    I live near Queanbeyan NSW and we have a large population of brown and tiger snakes in the area. From what I have been told, the juvenile snakes are the ones to worry about as they don't have adult cunning yet and are very skittish. Additionally, when they bite they will usually inject all their...
  3. madmonk

    MUNDI MUNDI BASH - seeking volunteers for April 2022

  4. madmonk

    pop up shower tent - folding them away

    Thanks for this. I also struggle with the folding of them and seem to get it done by luck rather than skill. I'll try this method out and see how it goes.
  5. madmonk

    Ultravision Nitro Smart

    If you mount them in the factory fog light location, won't they be too low to cast a decent beam?
  6. madmonk

    Solar Question

    My understanding is that you only need one regulator for the solar output. In my case I have a Redarc DC to DC charger that can take solar input, so I use this instead of the regulator on the back of my panel. However, if I wanted to charge a battery directly (i.e. not going through the BCDC...
  7. madmonk

    First Aid while 4wding

    I carry a few first aid kits in my vehicle. One large, comprehensive kit and then a couple of smaller kits for when I am bushwalking or are set up for specific tasks (such as a bites and stings kit and a CPR kit). The main kit is a pretty standard but I have added some additional items -...
  8. madmonk

    Andrew St Pierre White shares the love with Faj owners

    I didn't mind his 79 build until he put the camper on it. His premise at the start of the build was sound. Fix the rear wheel track and position the rear axle to ensure that the weight was being carried in the right place. I understand that Andrew's camera/filming requirements probably require a...
  9. madmonk

    What’s with the toilet paper thing ? Again ?

    The crazy thing is that SA is only locking down for six days. I mean, how much toilet paper can a person use in that time? I would be more worried about my stocks of chocolate and cordial!
  10. madmonk

    What Sort off Gaiters Do You Find Best?

    I use the Macpac Cascade Gaiters. They are nylon and i have found them to be tough wearing. I like that they have a hook that attaches to the laces on your boots, along with a strap that goes around the sole of your shoes, to help keep them in place.
  11. madmonk

    Steel or Plastic diesel Jerry’s?

    If you are looking at plastic, look for Scepter. They are a Canadian brand but also supply the U.S Military. Besides being really well made, I like the fact that you can get "squat" cans in 5, 10 and 20 litre sizes that can be handy for tucking into various nooks and crannys.
  12. madmonk

    titan drawer clip on bench

    For those that are interested, I went by the new 4WD Supacentre shop in Fyshwick (ACT) and they have the clip on benches available for $80 over the counter.
  13. madmonk

    auto box in a petrol 80 series?

    I've been keeping some fuel consumption figures for my 80 since I had the LPG removed and then engine dynotuned - Date Use RON Kms Litres L/100 Km 26/08/2020 Highway 91 263.3 50.23 19.08 4/09/2020 Town 91 354 70.54 19.93 22/09/2020 Town 91 384.7 79.71 20.72 30/09/2020 Town 91 394.7...
  14. madmonk

    Velcro backed Pockets

    I am looking to use the carpet on the back of my new drawers to attach various sized bags for storage to replace the car seat organisers I have at present. I have found a few different companies that make dashboard organisers like this one from Aussie Outback Supplies - as well as things...
  15. madmonk

    What Did You Do To Your 4X4 This Week? Include photos, if possible!

    Went to Offroad Systems today to have new drawers and a fridge slide installed. I also took my drawers from my Zook and had them mounted on top. There are an additional two storage boxes in the void between the drawers and the passenger seats not shown in the photo. PS You can also see the...
  16. madmonk

    What Did You Do To Your 4X4 This Week? Include photos, if possible!

    The main use for the lock box is for when I go bushwalking. I can pop the car keys in it and don't have to worry about losing them on the trail somewhere. It is very easy to reach the clip that holds the the extinguisher on the bracket. After this is undone, the extinguisher can easily be pulled...
  17. madmonk


    I, for one, welcome our new overlord!
  18. madmonk

    LCOOL Missing

    The rest of the site is still online so my guess is that they are upgrading the forum software. I agree that the search engine is painful but I found the easiest way to search is to put the word "and" between each search term e.g. - Normal search - 80 series tyre options LCOOL search - 80 and...
  19. madmonk

    Ronny Dahl has bought a new Hilux

    I always like seeing what people do in regards to modifications. Sometimes, you see things from another perspective that can help improve your own setup.
  20. madmonk

    What Did You Do To Your 4X4 This Week? Include photos, if possible!

    I mounted an additional 1 kg fire extinguisher and a key safe on the spare wheel carrier.