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    98Jackaroo vs 80Hilux

    i used to have a 82 hilux on 32's and it wasnt too bad on fuel and i could also overtake if i needed to (the best thing i did when i got it was to put lucas oil additive in the engine oil, the motor purred like a kitten and used less fuel and blew less smoke and had more power after i put it in)
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    Horrific caravan rollover

    i would like to congratulate the road train driver on pulling that rig up as quickly as he did
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    jackaroo 3.2 lt v6 tappet noise

    the jackaroo 3.2 is common the have noisy lifters as they are a bucket and shim design and to fix it you will have to get someone to sit down with a bucket of shims and figure out what ones they need or you could just live with it as it will not affect the motor in any way