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    For Sale VIC - Jeep Wrangler Sport

    item Detail- A Great Jeep, Well Maintained and Loved but we have just bought a new JK MY15 Rubicon X and can't keep Both. The TJ has; GOLD Tinted Windows to match the Gold Paint Work. TWO Full Sets of Tyres - 5 x Coopers STT (31x10.5), 5 x Bridgestone A/T Std size. The Car has a 2.5 Inch...
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    2nd wombat sState forest tree clearing, mineral Springs and Chocolate Mill run.

    Great Day out Cuting Trees Thanks for the Tour Surfer.. ;) Had a good day Meeting new faces and Teaming up to overcome the obstacles.. Have a good one till next time. Lokjaw (Gold Jeep)
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    2nd Wombat State forest, mineral Springs and Chocolate Mill run.

    Great Day... Lumber Jacking Had a good day.. Meeting new Faces and going for a Cruise. Unfortunately to much Clearing, but what can you do? Till next time all. Lokjaw (the Gold Jeep)
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    Hard run 2nd or 3rd Feb Mid week-Warby

    I Wish... :( :( .. No way I can do a Mid week. Otherwise I would be in.. I have a Jeep Wrangler with 31's (Discovery STT's) So are we talking Deep Ruts? what makes it HARD? The only thing that can generally stop me is the Diff.'s hitting the ground due to Really Bad Ruts, or the odd...