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    4x4 ettiqette

    Well this is the biggest disappointment every time you go out, the only thing we can do is clean up after others and keep on educating, perhaps we should all support cleanup australia a bit more young hoons (and older ones for that matter) will probably always be there all we can do is shame...
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    are nissan patrols better than toyota land cruiser

    I just bought my hilux about a year ago, didn't know what to go for either so I just asked every one who had one for's and against's and what mod they had to do before they where happy with it. There are a lot of people that just buy a brand or model, just ask for an honest opinion decide what...
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    Guide to buying a Hilux

    I bought a new one a year ago (3ltr turbo diesel) great as a 4x4 and on the highway but with a heavy load first and reverse should be lower geared when you drive in a hilly suburb, and you are very likely to cook your clutch,for the rest I am very happy as it has plenty of grunt, and Desert Lux...
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    Putting tyre back on rim in the bush

    Great in an emergency but for heavens sake be careful cause I have tyres seen exploding when just being overinflated with air, and it is not nice