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    Billy Goat

    biily goat i agree with agent 13. we went down in jan in little over an hour, quite smooth apart from rocky sections near top and a ledge right at the top. to confirm closure and discuss tracks around there speak to norm white at parks dargo, a fantastic, knowledgable bloke on 51401243. i...
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    Hi Everyone

    welcome , just come back from the wonnongatta great spot for a long weeknd. one other thing to look at is a diff lock . i have found my back diff lockers allow you to go a lot slower with more certainity up steep rocky tracks and without them i doubt i would have made it up some tracks partic...
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    newbie, oil leak diff area

    thanks yr responses, a quick update on saga or non saga. after pinion seal replaced the oil leak stopped. had diff oil replaced again and no metal present. but to be sure took it to ARb who fully inspected diff/ locker and said everything was fine , no damage , no metal, everything worked. So...
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    newbie, oil leak diff area

    thanks heaps, yeh the river crossings were deep over the bonnet twice as we out when they had 180ml of rain that day and next. cheers
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    newbie, oil leak diff area

    Hi, another newbie from box hill who enjoys vic high country with mazda bravo 2003 dual ute.have a couple of questions if i may. upon returning from wonnongatta, via humpfray river track with 14 crossings where i heard lots of clunks from rocks i noticed lot of oil spray above back diff which...