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    Trip Report Neerim 3/7 Technical/hard

    Awesome pics & vidios Mark thanks
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    Trip Report Neerim 3/7 Technical/hard

    Cause I did almost as much fun as watching a one wheel drive 80 trying to get up a hill:D:D:D
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    Neerim Sth - 31/07/2011

    The Hi Lux has smaller diffs. blaknav & I both had 33 Xtreems, I didn't drag my diffs & he did. Oh & yeh, twin lockers help ;)
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    Trip Report Neerim 3/7 Technical/hard

    Never let the TRUTH get in the way of a " good story " Jack:D:D but it's good that people know their own limits & the limits of their vehicals. " Where are the hard Tks ?" Well I showed you where they are, & you very wisely decided that Disscretion was the better part of Valer. We...
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    Trip Report Neerim 3/7 Technical/hard

    88 photos to be exact & they're all great & they show prety much the whole day, thanks Scott. Mal
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    snow chains and mud terrains

    Yes it is when going to resorts because the bitumen roads are cleared by snow plows but then " BLACK ICE " can form when the wet road freezes. Most ski hire places hire them for weekends for standard size 4x4 tyres like 31s, lager sizes are harder to come by.
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    Neerim- who wants to show me the area ??

    Any time ( but NOT this weekend ) Jack Sunday 3rd July ok with you? No B/Hs more tequnical but not that hard for you. Deep ruts, off camber, some tight sections ect come down for a look. Mal
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    Hi Lift Jack Question????

    Ya far better off with a 4 T bottle jack, a jack plate & a spade or long handled shovel. Yes Hi Lift jacks are dangerous, very limited in their use, offten hard to lower back down, can damage pannels, they're heavy cumbersome. In shot they are a PITA. I hate the bloody things. A 4 T...
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    Don't go out alone.

    I totaly agree! The real lesson here is DON'T GO UNPREPAIRED. You had all the right gear to get yourself out of any thing you got ya self into, so " What dosen't kill ya only makes ya stronger " working things out for ore selves is how we learn. It's call experience.:D
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    hand brake use

    I drove a Suzuki Sierra for 10 years & ya right 1st Low in the Zook is about 3rd Low in most others. I was told by Accredited instrutors to USE THE HAND BREAK not the foot break. The Hand Break on the Sierras is on the gear box wich means it's impossable to lock up the wheels ( front or Rear...
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    Newbie needs help!

    Did he always let the Turbo cool down ( Idle ) for 1 - 2 minutes befor turning it off? Failure to do this is the is the quickest way to blow ( burn out ) a turbo. A Turbo spins at much higher RPMs than the engine & is red hot. Turning it off without letting it cool, oil is baked on to it & it...
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    Billy Goat

    Oh, maybe I'm mistaken:confused: I've seen the gate Top & Bottom & just assumed that it was seasonaly closed like most of the High Country?
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    Billy Goat

    All the Tk up there get graded/dozzed to keep them driveable for EVERYONE & Billy Goat's has always been subject to seasonal Closure, there are gates top & bottom of Bill Goat's
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    Dr Air

    Yep, they're a great compressor, solid base, comfy handle, dosen't get to hot & don't need to move it to reach all 4 wheels. Happy with mine. Mal
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    Morning to all.....

    G'day & welcome aboard Gippslander. If you're going to keep it for many years, consider the cost & availability of spare parts, Nissan & Toyota top the list I think in this regard. Very easy to get parts for either any where in Oz. Some other makes parts are harder to get. I've asked...
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    I am new to this 4WD thing

    G'day & welcome Ben Plenty of trips run, so keep looking at the Vic trips section & put ya name down for Skipworth 2011 you'll love it. That gives ya 6 months to meet a few of us & get a few trips in. Enjoy. Mal
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    who says women can't 4wd!

    Yep, only ONE sign per Tk over here, government can't afford a tin sign for both ends of a closed Tk. That takes money they don't have & a level of comon sence they don't have either. :rolleyes: Happens alot over here in Vic
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    3 day high country trip

    I agree, don't go any lower than needed some times I don't air down at all but if it's wet or raining go as low as ya need to. 15 psi has long been regarded as standard off road presure wich is why in 4WD ACTION mag when they tested 14 different brands of Mud Tyres on a 100 series Cruiser all...
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    who says women can't 4wd!

    G'day & welcome aboad, Look forward to see'n ya on many trips & at Skipworth 2011. Cheers Mal