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    Yalwal Monkeygum

    Won't be long be gated out
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    Cave to Cave Track

    I have heard wombeyan caves rd is closed if you plan on heading there.
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    Womera Range Track(?)

    Hi mate. Sorry if I sound like a smart A#SE. But I could of told you that. It is a nice drive if you get the key for free. I did see this thread but seen how old the thread was n didn't take much notice of it. Sorry Did you stop half way check out the paintings. Richo
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    East coast drive . . . Stockton / Yamba

    Looking at the map again, I really like the look of avoiding it altogether now, go via Bateau, The Entrance, right up the coast way through Newie, and come up from Fern Bay. Worth the extra half hour or so ??? Mate if you do end up heading up the coast road from Gosford. Be sure to call thru...
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    Best campsite within 2 hrs of sydney

    What about a Ski Park along the Hawkesbury river. One would surely ticket all the boxes
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    Cox river campground via cox river rd.

    Hey Todd Yeah that's the one. Last time few years ago had some issues from property owners. All good. Like I always do leave the gates as I find them. Thanx Richo
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    Cox river campground via cox river rd.

    Morning. Can anyone tell me if you can still get down to cox river campground via cox river rd at the bottom of Mt Vic. Thanx Richo
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    Outback Challenge 2014

    Top photos. Thanx for sharing
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    Menindie Lakes

    Deleted my post. As I just found your other thread Thanx
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    Around canberra weekend trip

    Miles of tracks between you & the coast.
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    Watagans Aug 2014

    Try a search in here for Daniels Pt rd. & / or Hitchcock. Should get your started. I know I have only mentioned 2 names but someone will chime in shortly give you a few more tracks. When are you thinking of calling thru Richo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ourimbah SF/Watagans SF overnighter

    Morning Yeah I know the place. I went to go camping there one wknd last year after they had a storm come thru tree down everywhere. Mission to finally get there only to find someone had beaten me there. I was spewing. Thinking no one would be There cos of all the trees n stuff around. So we...
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    Ourimbah SF/Watagans SF overnighter

    Hey Todd/Roger Your new found camp spot with bush art should be kept under wraps. Please. Very beautiful spot to camp but let people find it rather then showing the majority. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Surfboy's Monkey Gum swag trip

    6 stage In a Triton. ???? They are either mental or do not know about 6 stagr Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Abercrombie River NP Exploration 8-9 Feb

    Yeah down there Meryla
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    Abercrombie River NP Exploration 8-9 Feb

    You sure do get around Kris. Going to head down your way late next month with the 2 wheel thing. I'll give you a buzz in advance mate see where you at
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    Watagans Day trip end of March

    Hey 03Hilux. I camped up there late last year. Pritty good spot. How good is the lookout late in the rvo as the sun is going. Can you put me on the TBC list too please. Work pending. & the swag will be in the back aswell Thanx Richo
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    60 to the cape

    He is properly talking about the (very) tall stories that seem to come out up the cape.
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    Running around again

    Millsy you have travelled some K's. Travelled More K's in 3 weeks than I travel in my truck in a year. (I live 2.2 k from work tho& ride a postie). Thanx for the read. & good times giving a hand along the way. Besides poor mister Koala
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    Dingo Tops To Oxley Wild Rivers Via The Cells and Werrimkimbi

    Thanx mate, just checked it out then. Good read. Thanx for sharing