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    best tracks around gold coast??

    i am new here too, but i hearthe condamine river road north west-ish[?] of rathdowney is pretty special, and probably the beginning of it [the boonah end] would be within 1 hour and a half of the GC. i havent done it yet so you need to do a bit of "investimagating" of your own - there is...
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    Hi :)

    Thank you all for your welcome!! i am still getting around the site and finding a heap of great info.
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    Hi :)

    Awesome Thank you so much i will check out that book - it sounds perfect. Also thanx for the welcome :)
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    Hi :)

    Just saying a quick "Hi", i joined up this morning as i am trying to plan 4wd/camping trip for the family over easter weekend, looking at NP's, state forest and reserves within 3hours of brisbane with waterholes, shady creeks. anyhow good to be here :)