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  1. smicko

    Day trip

    well thats a funny story yobbo... we were heading back to the flex section of the track and the rear tyres caught the entrance and dragged the old girl in. water come barreling in. its the worst situation that i've been in.... didnt get a chance to do camp road we spent most of the day on green...
  2. smicko

    Day trip

    Photos from the weekend :D fair bit of water about!!
  3. smicko

    Day trip

    sounds like a plan cruiserlad, i should be heading up to landcruiser park on sat 25/04 if anyone is interested?
  4. smicko

    Day trip

    I would be up for a cruise also :D
  5. smicko

    Day trip

    hey cocojambo, Mt mee is good for a day trip its only about 40km north of brisbane city. there are a couple of steep hills and descents especially A break way. the trip is in the dirty weekends book worth a look cheers
  6. smicko

    Dog friendly camp spots around Brisbane

    thanks for the reply challengelee much appreciated mate
  7. smicko

    Dog friendly camp spots around Brisbane

    thanks for the reply bushnut will have to get myself a copy of that book, cheers mate
  8. smicko

    Dog friendly camp spots around Brisbane

    Hey all looked around the site and was unable to find a thread for dog friendly camp spots around Brisbane. I have been to Amamoor national park which is a beautiful place its an off leash area so the dog loved it and not to far from Brisbane. just curious if there are any other places like...
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    Welcome and enjoy mate
  10. smicko

    The old ones are the best!

    Welcome and enjoy mate
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    Welcome and enjoy G
  12. smicko

    Hi guys

    Welcome and enjoy mate
  13. smicko

    Another from WA

    Welcome to this great site Peanut
  14. smicko

    G'day from Brisbane

    Welcome and enjoy mate
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    Hey all

    Welcome and enjoy mate
  16. smicko

    WA Rocks

    Welcome and enjoy mate
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    Welcome mate
  18. smicko

    Hey all

    Found this site and had to join, sounds like a great bunch of guys and girls. I have had my 100 series for 3 or 4 months now and only been out once. yes i know pretty Pathetic attempt just dont know where to go :p. keen to head out with you all and gain some much needed experience. currently...