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    Old CB radio

    You could get a couple of hundred for it if its in excellent condition, especially if you have the box and books. It was a pretty desirable unit in the day due to its size, how well it sounded and it had mods to expand the channels and boost power/audio modulation. It would appeal to someone...
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    Winch Warranty's - Who to Support and When to Walk, Warn,Runva,Ironman,Carbon,Tmax etc

    The warranty says: and So its a catch 22, take it apart and service it and they can deny the warranty and blame the ingress on you taking it apart. Or you dont take it apart and they can blame the fact you didnt take it apart and service it.
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    Winch Warranty's - Who to Support and When to Walk, Warn,Runva,Ironman,Carbon,Tmax etc

    Know someone who's solenoid was doa from new on their 11xp and Runva were extremely difficult in getting it sorted.
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    UHF splitter

    You can get an antenna switch to manually switch between 2 antennas, but both wont run at once. It does introduce a small loss also.
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    What Did You Do To Your 4X4 This Week? Include photos, if possible!

    That came out so good i reckon you could go in to production on them. ;)
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    Best GPS for Offroad Tracking for 4WD trips.

    Wow ok thanks so much, i've used the Atlogis app for a few years and love it but had no idea you could add custom maps to it. So i can buy for example this map and use it?
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    Best GPS for Offroad Tracking for 4WD trips.

    I use on a 10" tab, cheap, several different types of maps included and works great.
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    What do you know about boats?

    They are a fantastic little boat, bit of a jack of all trades. I had a 450 Quintrex Escape with 50hp Yamaha and put almost 1,000 hours on the engine, went 35km offshore and landed marlin up to 3 meters. The only real negatives i can say is they are not great with any more then 2 adults or 1...
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    Reliable TPMS

    I guess its not possible, so i'd avoid the Digoptions internal TPMS unless you never want to rotate your tyres again or have an incorrect display.
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    Keyring lamp

    Also check out the Nitecore Tip, they are about 6 times brighter then the Ledlenser K4R.
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    Reliable TPMS

    Hey guys i've got the below internal TPMS with 5 sensors and it's been working great, but i've just done a 5 tyre rotation so now no wheels match. Anyone know how to re-train the wheel locations?
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    Camping Fridge

    55 Litre Evacool for $399 seems like a great deal for someone with a limited budget.
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    New vs Old vehicles - your choice and why?

    I prefer something in the middle... New enough to have common rail, OBD2, passenger airbag, a bit of comfort that i can twirl a spanner on but not something full of sensors and running DPF, Adblue that i will cringe when branches scrape down the length of the paintwork. :)
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    Cleaning Alloy Bullbar

    The only thing that beats purple is using the de oxidizer first, also made by the same company.
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    RIP Holden Commodore

    Its certainly my favourite, still got VK with a 355 stroker. But i just cry at all the ones i've bought and sold for pennies, heck i learned to 4wd in a VH Commodore haha.
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    RIP Holden Commodore

    Unfortunately it was dead after the VF but somebody forgot to check it's pulse. Real shame to see the end of the Commodore and Falcon era.
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    Engine Data Scan Tool (EDS)

    IMHO keep an eye out for Ebay sales and grab a ScanGauge 2 when on sale. It's a better gauge and will last years, if you are referencing the data every time you drive (which i do) for years to come the extra cost is worthwhile.
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    Cable size for winching?

    I've got the 11xp also, and have just bought longer cables (1200mm) because the supplied ones didnt reach the control box where i've mounted things. I considered upgrading to 0 B&S but in the end just went 2 B&S like the supplied cables, should be here before the weekend so i will let you know...
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    Reliable TPMS

    Got the Digoptions internal unit, been fantastic and would buy again. Went with internal because accurate temps, wont get stolen, wont get snagged up on branches etc, air up and down like a normal tyre without stuffing around with an anti theft nut. The local tyre shop charges $15 to swap a...
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    What mods should i do to make my 4wd more capable?

    A set of Xbull recovery tracks from Ebay for $80, an air compressor, tire gauge, a couple of pies from the bakery and get out there and enjoy.