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  1. atowen

    7th Annual Victorian Gathering - O'Tooles

    And with that, better register. :) Anth
  2. atowen

    Ensay to Ada river for christmas hols.

    This is filling fast! Chuck me down as well :) Anth
  3. atowen

    Trip to Bunyip- Didnt end like we planned

    Good work on making an image for yourself! Whilst from your videos it shows your driving skills rival that of a wrc champion; your recovery skills need a little fine tuning! Now as a fellow 'p plater' all i have to say, IS WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ACHIEVED IN THAT DAY OUT?!?!?! Maybe next...
  4. atowen

    Daytrip Monday or Tuesday anyone?

    Shame its not on a tuesday; bloody work :-P ! For a fun trip but requires more agressive at's or muddues i would have a look at cockpit trk off yea link road ( havent been up this year but is a slippery hill) then straight onto blowhard trk. Also take a look at lyndells trk (nice bouncy track...
  5. atowen

    Talbotville to Mt Pinnibar + Kosciuszko

    As echoed above great report Matt! I'll just add some more photos to the rest. Liz and I took off to Albury for the night (Liz was mentioning something about a roof, walls, shower and no bugs :p ) then figured since we had been to Tom Groggin and read about the Man from Snowy river we should go...
  6. atowen

    10th December Christmas get toghther

    Hey, Liz and I had an awesome time as well; was pretty cool seeing the pub crawl to end all pub crawls! Found out that the viscous fan has been losing the clutch oil slowly for sometime so would explain the overheating. A $12 tube of toymota silicon oil and an hour in the shed and its all good...
  7. atowen

    Removing Challenger Alternator

    Hey all, figured I'd give a write up on how to remove an alternator from a Mitsubishi Challenger 6g72 Motor! After playing out in a very sloppy Neerim some sad noises began sounding like a bearing or pulley which was tracked down to the alternator. So with that in mind the job is fairly easy...
  8. atowen

    Mongrel Lux - R.I.P.

    Found a few photos from a trip up to Mt Terrible and an extended high country trip. Shame none are specific Helping with Tyre pressures :p
  9. atowen

    Mongrel Lux - R.I.P.

    Far out wasn't expecting to see this. RIP Mate you were always willing to help and had plenty of stories. Anth
  10. atowen

    Neerim south 7/8

    Yep still happening!
  11. atowen

    Diff Locks in Sand

    Thanks guys, looks like its locked for the soft stuff and see what happens! :) Anth
  12. atowen

    Diff Locks in Sand

    Hey all, With an upcoming Fraser island trip (:D ) I'm wondering whats everybody's consensus on locking the rear up in the soft stuff? Although going in the middle of winter I'm doubting it will be to soft! It is the first time I have the option of engaging the locker on the beach...
  13. atowen

    Cobbera's Trail V.H.C.

    Hey waz long time no speak! If your towing your camper i would seek an alternative route! The track whilst mostly of a moderate rating does have one section that is a definite trailer no go zone. Check out Mal's NYE high country trip. We had to recover one rollover from another group at this...
  14. atowen

    fact or fiction?

    Since were stirring the pot it's fiction! The official toymota recovery vehicle is mine :p
  15. atowen

    Toolangi Trip Report.

    Was an awesome day out, although shame about the Navara! coming down Aeroplane (bottomed out on 32's :( ) coming up cockpit going nowhere fast up blowhard! (Mitsubishi's dont get stuck, they simply fail to proceed :p ) to the rescue Anth
  16. atowen

    Late Notice Warby Run - Trip Report

    hahahahaha keeping all four on the ground is over rated :p hence lockers lol :)
  17. atowen

    Late Notice Warby Run - Trip Report

    Hey come on, the challenger gave it a good go to :D :p
  18. atowen

    Late Notice Warby Run - Trip Report

    haha don't tell them your little secret, see how long it takes them to notice!
  19. atowen

    Late Notice Warby Run - Trip Report

    haha i thought you were getting into this technology! Although i suppose tonkadore is older then i am :p
  20. atowen

    Late Notice Warby Run - Trip Report

    can you try putting it on youtube?