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  1. CatchinJack

    RAW Shock faulty

    Some good news, RAW sent photo to their engineers and it's the first time they've seen this problem where nut holding shock together has come loose. They have agreed to replace both rear shocks as a pair which i'm pretty happy about, can't fault the after sales service/warranty from them.
  2. CatchinJack

    RAW Shock faulty

    Done approx 20,000km on them but regardless that nut should not come loose.
  3. CatchinJack

    RAW Shock faulty

    Hey guys, Went out for a 4wd yesterday and while out one of my rear shocks decided to separate, luckily a mechanic was there and once we got it off and checked it we found that the nut inside the shock had come loose and fell off inside the shock and when I flexed it fell apart....a...
  4. CatchinJack

    HEMA Android app

    I run it also on my phone and a galaxy tab 3 and the tab it runs like a pig and locks up all the time, quite annoying. Yet on my phone it runs perfectly....galaxy s5.
  5. CatchinJack

    Under body bash plates?

    Bushskinz, wouldn't use any other brand, i've seen many others fail but the Bushskinz are awesome and very hard to break or damage. BushSkinz Underbody Protection - BushSkinz 4x4
  6. CatchinJack

    Comforser cf3000 tyre?

    I ended up with Kenda MT's, 5000km on them so far and they have been brilliant on and off road and cheap.
  7. CatchinJack

    South Durass/Batemans Bay

    Some beautiful driving between Sth Durras and Batemans Bay, some nice spots to see, good fishing, diving and swimming ponds also on rocks.
  8. CatchinJack

    Steering Wobbles

    radius arm bushes or drag link tie rods.
  9. CatchinJack

    Killingworth loop track coordinates
  10. CatchinJack

    Tallest awning tent

    Anyone know what the tents under awnings are like in rain, the gap between tent and awning makes me think water would get in and pool on top of the tent.....
  11. CatchinJack

    Portable butane cookers withdrawn from sale in NSW

    Portable Butane Stove Explosion failure analysis and accident reconstruction
  12. CatchinJack

    Portable butane cookers withdrawn from sale in NSW

    Again, nothing to do with the canisters, the cooker itself failed and as such was pulled from shelves and a warning sent out to the public warning them of potential danger due to a safety device within the cooker that could fail due to not meeting safety standards. I don't know why people keep...
  13. CatchinJack

    Portable butane cookers withdrawn from sale in NSW

    A fault has been identified witrh the cooker itself, maybe only recent ones but a fault none the less. As with most companies, they'll get AS certification and then change things or cut corners to maximise profits. If they change original certification agreement and change any design it needs to...
  14. CatchinJack

    Portable butane cookers withdrawn from sale in NSW

    The canister is NOT the problem, it is the cooker themselves, if it fails there is no removing canister to stop it. I refuse to use them and anyone that continues to and does get burnt, no sympathy will be given haha
  15. CatchinJack

    Kenda Klever KR29 mud tyres

    Yup awesome tyre offroad and have not let me down yet and I have pushed the limits with them. See how the tyre wear goes but so far i'll be getting another set.
  16. CatchinJack

    Daniels Point Rd 7.3.15

    Place has been trashed to buggery from abuse, it'll be locked eventually.
  17. CatchinJack

    Portable butane cookers withdrawn from sale in NSW

    Here is why they have been withdrawn amongst other reasons but this is what finally made it happen. Ban on sale of butane cookers after Casino death | Northern Star
  18. CatchinJack

    Portable butane cookers withdrawn from sale in NSW

    Well here is a video which shows what can happen. You'll find it's not just the cooker, the seal of the canister fails also as does a safety bit in them, they are an accident waiting to happen, i know because i have had one explode on me and it was at start of use.
  19. CatchinJack


    It's not really a case of challenging, with all this rain atm we have up here doing a lot of the tracks up there will only trash them more than they already are, just sayin...
  20. CatchinJack


    It is VERY wet and boggy up there at present, i'd avoid Drury Lane and bottom of Lemon Tree is also a mess, seems western end toward The Basin is dryer than the eastern side as we've been up there last few days doing recoveries and checking tracks. Up to you but something to think about before...