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  1. megamung

    Warranty on new Jimmny

    times have certainly changed. I bought this new in 89 , when it got to the end of the 12 month/30000 Klm warranty period, I had an RACQ check done and they picked up a few things including water in the diffs, damaged rear wheel bearings and a cracked brake drum (just near the wheel studs)...
  2. megamung

    2019 Toyota Fortuner

  3. megamung

    2019 Toyota Fortuner

  4. megamung

    2019 Toyota Fortuner

    4 days away at the Tara camel and culture festival. they run it every 2 years , worth a look if you are over that way. the Fortuner went well, it is now due its 60k service. Toyota has quoted $750, a bit steep I may start shopping around.
  5. megamung

    Isuzu hit with inner guard and dpf issues - potential class action lawsuit

    I think you are spot on, I managed to run a D40 Navara for 9 years and almost 200k without any of the multitude of issues that the internet would of expected to happen . Also over 2 and a half years and 60k and no DPF issues in my 2.8 Toyota. either I am very lucky or I look after my vehicles
  6. megamung

    2019 Toyota Fortuner

    Just got back from a 3 week 5000 Klm trip , south this time, boy it got cold. The Toyota was flawless with mostly bitumen and a little bit of dirt all towing. Comfortable and competent. just about to hit 60k.
  7. megamung

    Bertiehaugh Road to stay open

    A win for now, great track did it a few years ago.
  8. megamung

    Suzuki Jimny - what's your experience with them?

    we had a Vitara for many years , just ate up Fraser and used to drive it from Brisbane to Sydney on a regular basis. biggest negative was a lack of room. Ahh! the late 80,s What a time.
  9. megamung

    Vehicle prices

    Oh! and I still cant stop myself from turning around and looking at it.
  10. megamung

    Vehicle prices

    Wow plenty of anti Toyota sentiment in this thread, most of the negative opinions seem unfounded based on my experiences. I am 60000 klms and over 2 years into my Fortuner. It has been faultless and performs all the tasks I could ask for. the best bit currently is I could sell it today for at...
  11. megamung

    QLD Gov cracking down on hoons

    these people reflect badly on us all, if they are guilty the penalties should be a lot harsher than a small fine.
  12. megamung

    Camper trailers - Which one to buy?

    I weighed mine fully loaded for our trip last year and it was just under 250. one more con I thought of , is they are very easy to overload. because there is so much storage there is the temptation to throw every bit of crap you think you may need into it. we went over what we were dragging...
  13. megamung

    Camper trailers - Which one to buy?

    we have had our stoney creek forward fold since January 17 , in that time its travelled over 50 thousand KLms many of those bush tracks and corrugated dirt roads and with big touring trips away and many weekends we have lived in it for over 6 months of that time. ball weight is around 250 and...
  14. megamung

    2019 Toyota Fortuner

    Tried out the roof racks on Australia day,
  15. megamung

    2019 Toyota Fortuner

    the tracks are riveted on and they make a lot of noise about weight limits as well as the way loads are secured., going to the point of strongly recommending that canoes and Kayaks be tied down on the front and rear as well. I had the rhino platform fitted to my Navara in 2013 and no mention was...
  16. megamung

    2019 Toyota Fortuner

    Have not posted any updates for a while, Got these fitted just after Christmas. The main use will be for carrying our Kayaks. I had the platform on my Navara, but as I mostly tow these days, it seemed like overkill for this purpose. My GX did not come with roof rails and I am not a fan of the...
  17. megamung

    Dual cab Ute advice

    I had a D40 from new, for 8 years and loved it, for 180 thousand K.s it was faultless after that it started to become a nightmare.
  18. megamung

    Tyres for a Prado

    I have been running Nitto Terra grapplers on my Fortuner for about a year/20thousand, only got them because everything else was not available at the time. they are ok , solid construction, quiet plenty of grip in the dry but atrocious in wet weather. Most of the Fortuner guys run Falken or BFG...
  19. megamung

    New Ford Ranger, Will it be worth the wait?

    the low beam on one side went out on my wife's 20 year old Lexus the replacement ( 1 bulb, from Repco and supercheap )was over 600. I was able to convert both to LED for 150
  20. megamung

    MT Tyres? What are you guys finding thats good and AVAILABLE in a 34" to 35" X 18

    I ran Hankook MT on my Navara for my first trip to the cape and later as my daily. they were my only set of muddies to date but i was very impressed with them Quiet and grippy until about 60 thousand and I didnt replace for another 10 I had to just turn the radio up