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  1. LowLux

    New Cruiser

    Thought I'd better post the new Cruiser in here seeing as we haven't formally posted it and we bought in 2016...yes she is a year old now and the pic only shows her when we picked her up so she's a bit naked (sexy naked though) and she's had a lot of changes since then. She now has the...
  2. LowLux

    Meet Our Moderators

    This is my toy for bitumen tracks when I can't get to the dirt tracks.
  3. LowLux

    Discussion about the Good point and Bad point for the Bullbar

    Shop around or you won't get what you want. Make sure it suits your needs i.e. lights, winch, ariels, protection.
  4. LowLux


    I've had Goodyear Wrangler MT's, Cooper ST MAxx's and I'm now trying a set of Micky T's MTZ (P3's) which are the latest on the showroom floor. I've had nothing but good experiences with each brand so far though I will continue to try new and different brands until one lets me down, that's when...
  5. LowLux

    New Stickers "Take it in Take it Out"

    Hi Anke, PM me if you want to get hold of a sticker or 2.
  6. LowLux

    Canadian checking out 4x4 earth

    Welcome to the site, enjoy. I lived in Canada fro 12years, where abouts are you from?
  7. LowLux

    G'day from the Limestone Coast, SA

    Welcome aboard. Maybe you could show some of the members that go down that way some of the lesser travelled tracks?
  8. LowLux


    Welcome aboard. Enjoy what's on offer.
  9. LowLux

    Sheepyard Flat – 9th Annual Victorian Gathering

    We're booked in so see all you boys and girls (Craig) at Sheepyard. Make sure you bring your drink mix requirements for the Red Lady :-)
  10. LowLux

    Australian 4WD Action and the Balfour Track

    What ever the case, a picture tells a bunch of stories and the image provided certainly doesn't say "we tread lightly and look after the tracks" instead it tells 4wders its o.k. to be a track vandal and it also tells people who don't understand 4wding that 4wders are vandals. I'm not a greenie...
  11. LowLux

    Australian 4WD Action and the Balfour Track

    The thing with these guys from the "Action" magazine is that they require shots like this to sell copies hence they do it for pretty much every magazine and to put onto every dvd. I'm surprised they haven't been pulled up long ago. They really don't set a good example to the 4wder, rather...
  12. LowLux

    12 - Simmo in the Simpson Desert

    Great Podcast James and Simmo. Enjoyed it a lot!
  13. LowLux

    Hi, new member here

    Welcome to the site.
  14. LowLux

    Interesting Video

    What a crock dude.
  15. LowLux

    Interesting Video

    Making a lot of potential happenings here but we can see that's not what happened in that vid.
  16. LowLux

    Interesting Video

    Simple...don't touch other stuff. What if you were the one blocking someone in but you were there first and someone else caused it?
  17. LowLux

    Interesting Video

    Ma Mate, If I found someone doing that to my car without having made an attempt to contact me I'd be smashing someone and their car.
  18. LowLux

    1st ever NSW Annual Gathering - Turon River Diggings

    Might have to do the next one as well...prior plans as well. Looking forward to doing a NSW trip sometime soon.
  19. LowLux

    A copper's thoughts on speed cameras

    This was an excellent read but you know the one thing I will never believe?...the proper authorities will ever consider revoking hidden cameras for the obvious reason...revenue.
  20. LowLux

    RIP David Bowie.

    I wasn't huge fan but I did like his music hence respect his talent.