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    Kickass 75ltr fridge

    We have the 96 litre Kickass Fridge freezer. The bluetooth didn't work from the get go but we are happy with it. We use it as a fridge/fridge for food and drinks. As a fridge/freezer it draws an awful lot of power. A 40 litre Engel in the tow vehicle is our freezer as it is more efficient. I...
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    Small 12V Freezer

    Does anyone have a 20-25 litre 12V freezer ? What have you got and are you happy with it ?
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    Snowflakes, social media, harrassment & mental health.

    If you treat social media as anything other than entertainment you'll always be disappointed.
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    Climate deniers view

    Its the potential delay thats a real crime. But that doesnt seem to worry greens. Cop claims or not.
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    Industrial Air compressors ?

    I've had a few '4x4' air compressors over the last 35 years and most of the 'Industry/franchise' offerings have left me under impressed either with their cost or their performance. Has anyone gone next level with a more commercial grade 12V compressor ? If such a beast exists ??? What have you...
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    Bull bars

    He is 100% correct. But I 'Want' a bull bar.
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    Maxxis Razr - splits in ends of siping in tread blocks.

    Thx for the feedback.
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    Corona virus

    Censorship ? Try ... news that doesn't generate income. That would be more accurate.
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    Climate deniers view

    This is the issue, pure and simple. Gross planetary overpopulation increasing consumption. The Elephant in the corner of the room.
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    Maxxis Tyre Wear Obs.

    I really haven't assessed that. Nothing stands out as different. I wanted the 811's for their 3ply sidewall as opposed to the 771's 2 ply which proved deficient in rocky creek beds. My local Tyre shop blokes are all 4x4 pig chasing maniacs and run Maxxis M/T's and reckoned they are best value...
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    Maxxis Tyre Wear Obs.

    Just recorded some tyre wear stats for two types of A/T Maxxis Tyres 245/70-16 on my 2015 Colorado with very different useage wear rates. 771 Street A/T 2ply sidewall. Tread Depth: New 9.0mm Completed 34,707km highway used 5.5mm of wear. 811 Razr A/T 3ply sidewall. Tread Depth: New 12.5mm...
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    Remote Res Shocks - Are they really beneficial?

    ... just drive slower.
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    Vale QE2

    Being Republican I expect them all to turn up for work anyway and not ask for penalty rates as it's just another day to them. Anything else would be hypocritical.
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    Recommendations for a quality100AH Deep Cycle AGM Battery

    Thank you for the five replies that answered my question.
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    Recommendations for a quality100AH Deep Cycle AGM Battery

    Its in an insulated steel box in the tray of my twin cab.
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    Recommendations for a quality100AH Deep Cycle AGM Battery

    My Repco special has died after 18 months of constant daily use running a 40 Litre Engel. We re about to head off for a 6 week outback tour and need a replacement. Lithium maybe an option down the track but not yet. What is the consensus from the brains trust on here ?
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    Climate deniers view

    End of the Ice age was 11,000 years ago.
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    Climate deniers view

    The planets been warming for the last 11,000 years. We aren't helping that's for sure. Unfortunately the issue of gross planet overpopulation (a driver of consumption and emissions) seems too hard to address. Oh well, back to candles and woollie blankets eventually.
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    What do people think of the Liberal Democrats

    Perfectly summarized.
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    What do people think of the Liberal Democrats

    It has worked before. You only hear 'hung parliament is a disaster' from the two majors. I wonder why ?