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    Indicator/Steering columns

    Cheers Cheers for your help boys, toyota seems to think that the flasher system is being overloaded for some reason, so we've ordered a new one and we'll see how we go. Thank christ for warranty!! Cheers for your input. I'll let you know how i get on.
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    Indicator/Steering columns

    G'day Guys, My left indicator is currently intermittent depending on the position of the steering wheel. If the wheel is dead straight, flashes once and that's it. If it is slightly to the left, no problems. More than slightly to the left, no go, just flashes once and that's it. Eventually...
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    Narva Ultra Compact Driving Lights

    G'day, Just bought a pair of Narva Ultra Compact driving lights and have opened the packet to find that there is no +ve and -ve, just one attachment that you hook up to another tab by binding and soldering with the power wire. Am i missing something? How do you wire these ones up? Cheers
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    2" Lift for 09' Hilux

    G'day, Looking to lift the lux around 2" using Greasable Shackles and coil strut spacers incorporating a drop diff kit. My question is, is it worth getting the drop diff kit, how much wear do your CV's really got from a lift like this? Secondly, snake racing do this lot as a package, how...
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    Never Ending Story March - Each Post Only 3 Words

    and unfortunately carnivores
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    Never Ending Story March - Each Post Only 3 Words

    definitely scary as hell
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    Never Ending Story March - Each Post Only 3 Words

    up a hitchhiking bunyip
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    Never Ending Story March - Each Post Only 3 Words

    4wd enthusiast picked
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    Wongi State Forest

    Morning greg, As a matter of fact mate i just went through that area a couple of days ago. I had trouble downloading the track that's on here so i just made up my own track using google earth and uploaded the file to my GPS and went for it. It's a pretty nice area with heaps of little...
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    GPX File

    Morning Fellas, have just created a new account. It seems there may have been something wrong with having an apostrophe in the username as per the error 'stillookin' got when trying to access my profile. Cheers for all your help Take it easy