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    GQ Auto

    How do I tell what model it is. Its out of a GQ, I think around the 89-90 model. I purchased it as a spare for myself but I dont need it now.
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    GQ Auto

    ITEM: GQ auto CONDITION: used, good condition REASON FOR SELLING: I have two spare, only need one PRICE AND PRICE CONDITIONS: $450 EXTRA INFO: <insert text here> LOCATION: Melb west CONTACT: Adrian 0425782668
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    synthetice winch rope

    Ive had 8mm Plasma on my winch for 4-5 years and it has only just broke, I washed it often with just water to get the grit out of the rope. I now run 10mm rope from hobzee but I havnt used it much.
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    1200w Power Inverter

    PM me your details, and I will get it sorted.
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    1200w Power Inverter

    Brand new still in box, wasnt powerful enough to run what I wanted.
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    1200w Power Inverter

    ITEM: 1200w 8ZED Power Inverter CONDITION: New REASON FOR SELLING: Not powerful enough for what I need PRICE AND PRICE CONDITIONS: RRP $400 sell for $150 EXTRA INFO: Can post LOCATION: Melbourne west CONTACT: Adrian 0425782668
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    Best Chicken Parma.

    I went to a bistro in Bewrick once and had a egg and bacon parma, I am making myself hungry just thinking about it.
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    Auto's offroad

    I have a Patrol TB42 auto with 80% reduction 35" tyres and 4.6 diff ratio and I dont need the brakes going down hill. A steep hill will require the brakes but I have heaps of engine brake.
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    Bunyip Forest/Gembrook area - Track report

    There are many different types of 4wdrives and many different types of drivers, there is also many different types of tracks some wich are deeply rutted and challenging some are not so challenging. So the 4b's that are set up to do challenging tracks can go and do the hard stuff, the 4b's that...
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    Roof mounted spot lights????

    In regards to the legal side of spotlights you can only have 6 lights facing forward and thats including your head lights so 4 spotties plus your car lights. Im in Vic and l have been running 4 roof mounted lights for 7 years and no probs with the cops.
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    What Does YOUR Display Name Mean?

    Hianufgq, I had plates that were HIANUF and l drive a GQ..........HIANUFGQ
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    My Accidents...

    Here are some pics
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    My Accidents...

    Well here is my story. I was riding my motorbike at Wombat state forest back in 2000 when l came over a crest to be greeted by a Magna sedan on my side of the track. I spent two weeks in a coma and spent a month at the Alfred hospital and six months at rehab. Multiple broken bones, bleeding in...
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    4WD Tips for Newbie's

    When traveling in convoy, always wait for the person behind you when you come to an intersection so they know which way the group has turned. And the last vehicle should radio that they have turned. I have seen groups waste time looking for each other because no one has waited.
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    Ford Maverick 1989

    The gas works better than the petrol does on steep hills.
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    Ford Maverick 1989

    Ford Maverick, 1989 Good Points everything Bad Points cant think of any What mods have you done? 5" lift Reduction gears Bullbar/winch Driving lights ARB front locker Aerotech seats UHF What mods are on the list to do? Rock sliders Rear locker Why did you...
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    Hello guy's and gal's

    Well, I'm from Melb west and l have been 4wheelin for about 12 years and lovin it. I own a Ford Mav LWB with a few mods that l will post up in my 4wd soon. My local is the Wombat state forest so if anyone wants to go send me a pm for track names or a guided tour.