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    VMS 700HD Backup

    Here are a list of free maps Maps and here is the list to paid maps Australian Maps As for the free data recovery software i dont think it will work in this case as you are rewriting over the original files with new data to the same file name and they have a hard time working out what...
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    The Pope has got a D-Max

    Ok they used the D-Max in manila but for the rest of the country they had custom made jeepneys (locally built cars by hand off the old military jeep style) They are used as buses all over the country... They also locked down all mobile traffic in the areas he attended along with all fixed...
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    VMS 700HD Backup

    In the last 3 weeks i took some time to play around with mudmaps and hema maps both for android. On the front of it they are both very good apps and offer a lot of great features easy to use and are far better than their stand alone units (eg/ HN7, the tablets have much more processing power...
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    VMS 700HD Backup

    Ok i have done a little digging for you and you not going to like what i have to say.. For starters the memory card has the licencing for the street maps and is serial ID locked... There are ways around this but its for the tech savi... As for the lost files... I have found no information...
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    Lockers Vs Unlocked ?

    Mark Twain “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”
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    Lockers Vs Unlocked ?

    I think your kinda missing the point.... Maybe if we did they would respect driving skills a lot more than their right lead foot
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    Lockers Vs Unlocked ?

    But a GU can anywhere Right :D or wait is that a hilux? OK cheap shot but its just in good fun:p @Jackolux I have the same issue with the triton... But that still does not get past the fact you...
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    Lockers Vs Unlocked ?

    I have... Its a little depressing to a Nissan owner when a Triton has to pull out a Patrol. Yes they had rear lockers too... But i think he was referring to my previous post "Yes learn in an unlocked vehicle teaches you what lines to take." That being said... A skilled driver taking the...
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    Lockers Vs Unlocked ?

    Ok for starters yes i agree that less than 10% of tracks you tackle you dont need lockers I got away with out lockers for a long long time. But there were plenty of times i needed winching. Now over the years i have been tacking harder and harder tracks due to traveling with some serious 4x4's...
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    Another example of a goose

    Toyota have really targeted a key market here...;)
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    New to 4x4 earth... long time 4x4'er

    still have... and close enough to the yellow badge... There are not may people around that still own the first car they ever brought ;)
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    New to 4x4 earth... long time 4x4'er

    Well im guessing that is what this site is for.... But give me a bit and i will have a few more up there... just need to dig through my last lot of track logs and see if there are some that are not up yet... Im guessing there are plenty not up..
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    DIY Dual Battery System

    What battery system did you get... I have the redarc and use a momentary switch with a built in LED Light on both batteries are connected light off no connection Just like this one : Switch Push Button Momentary ON 12V Blue LED Stainless Steel 19mm | eBay But i will still need to know...
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    Security Risk

    Sounds to me like a false positive. I assume you are using Macfee SiteAdvisor??? False positives: SiteAdvisor has received criticism for incorrectly flagging web sites with a caution or warning label. Nothing to worry about... I have not had an anti virus running for over 3 years...
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    Maybe not the Minority who rubbish our bush?

    As much as i would like to keep camping and 4x4ing free for everybody i just dont think our society in general knows how to look after this land... I agree the only way we have a chance of preserving these tracks and camping grounds is to be educated and require permits to gain entry. A simple...
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    Camp Fires and Days of Total Fire Ban

    Sorry dont buy the "Oh I didnt know" We all know the rules... We all know the risks... Its up to you to know when you can and cant have a fire... Total fire ban days will be broad cast over local radio AM and FM and can be heard in almost all locations. This is the best way to be...
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    Care to elaborate some more on your issue??? Are you talking about the temp gauge in the dash?
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    New to 4x4 earth... long time 4x4'er

    Already taken the time to add one track... Hope the mods get to it soon... Well worth a try for the more advanced.
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    New to 4x4 earth... long time 4x4'er

    Hey all... Have to say the maps and tracks brought me here... Look forwarding to getting more tracks while adding some that are unknown
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    Noob - points system and GPS coords

    Atleast its still all free... Glad someone had started this thread... answered a lot of noob questions... I personally know of a lot more tracks not on here... might share a few of the local ones to get the numbers up