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    Wheeny Creek - Gees arm South

    hey mate not to sure when i be heading there was going today but my mates working so possibly in another 2 saturdays we may go out
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    blowering Dam

    i was camping in tumut and the state forest isnt to bad in there plenty off tracks i believe the entrance is down school road. if u decied to venture that way instead.
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    LED FOG LIGHTS-need help wiring up????

    yer i didnt wire it up that way n to be honest with u once i get a set off driving lights i will be re wiring it all differently and this time it will be done proberly not a half arsed bodge job. i do appreciat ur input n i do understand where u coming from but the lights that r in it now...
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    LED FOG LIGHTS-need help wiring up????

    the fog lights in my bullbar are hooked up to the high beams so unless the high beams not on neither are the foggies. no mistakes then. n yes there is a seperate switch for them as well.
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    Motor Conversions

    hey just read all this. what r the chances of buying something different for now and then spend the 12 months rebuilding kermit as previously stated before. just a thought. rebuild the diffs gear box motor and then all is good maybe even get body n chassis soda blasted and resprayed. brand new...
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    Wheeny Creek - Gees arm South

    hi mate i just posted in another section of this forum to find out if a standard dmax n a navara with 2inch lift would be able to have some fun out at wheeny creek. just looking for a couple hours fun. just wondering if u may be able to help. thanks mate n awesome pics u got up
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    wheeny creek

    hi there how r u guys n girls. i tried searching this forum for info on wheeny creek but either my computer skills are no good or there is no info on this area. well what im after is if any one can tell me if me n a mate can have fun out there with a standard d-max n a d40 thats lifted 2...
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    what's your best chair??

    i have caribee vertigo chair awesome very comfy n it reclines for that perfect nanny nap
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    Best Diesel engine

    i am liking the 3lt common rail in my d-max ithas plenty off poke for a 4cyl n its easy to work on.