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    2001 Rodeo Txfr/Gbox Seal failure

    Thanks for the replies. I am loath to mod the manual box. I have figured that in the time before the failure I didn't have the buggie in 4x4 that often leading to the tranfer case side of the seal drying out and perishing. Since the new seal has been fitted I have it 4 wheeling nearly every...
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    Which Camper Trailer Do You Have & Why

    We have an 08 Cub Supamatic Regal Off road loaded with all the comforts required for 'Glamping' out in the bush.:D
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    Wheel Offsets

    Here a couple of diagrams that helps describe negative/zero/positive offset for those who are visual learners.;)
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    2001 Rodeo Txfr/Gbox Seal failure

    I recently had the transfer case drive shaft dynamic oil seal fail. To fix it required the removal and strip of the gearbox. $980 later I was back on the road with a new $26 seal fitted. :( I have heard on the grapevine that there is a mod out there that fits a runaround hose from the...
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    G'day from Snow Anything you want to know about off road CTs its the place to go.
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    G'day from Snow

    G'day all. Found this site via a link 4X4 placed on another forum. Congrats on such a great site. cheers Snow