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    Which Camper Trailer Do You Have & Why

    Hey chucky I have a cavalier aswell it is the best camper i have had we have been in storms rain wind and it was great to be able to feel safe and sound with the kids in the camper and it also tows great behind the hilux great choice of camper
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    can anyone help with a weak transmit signal?

    Ive been told that at the base of the ariel is he norm for the cable to go if thats any help
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    Toyota Hilux Syncro probs

    Hey bmurry2250 I have already done that and was looking for someone around here to have a look at it but i will keep trying in the mean time thanks for that anyway
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    Tent or swag ?

    Swag the only way
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    UHF Uniden UN012 hand peice

    Hey All I am after the hand peice for my UHF and cant find one anywhere I have even gone to Uniden and they cant find one that works in my set ,I know that my set still works as my old hand peice still works if you hold down the end of it, Can anyone help with this? Thanks :cool:
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    Toyota Hilux Syncro probs

    I have just bought the car for a going away car and got it from the auctions for a gooooood price !
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    Toyota Hilux Syncro probs

    Hey I have a hilux 99 model and have syncro probs with 4th gear i am after someone in the gold coast area for help with out costing the EARTH. Can you help?
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    Hey Found this web site and it looks good going on a trip to the rock Darwin Jabaru and many other places look out for the photos and stories I have a Toyota Hilux 3lt :cool: