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    Deau National Park

    G'Day Steve, Is the track difficult? I'm pretty much an amateur at the moment.......although I dont really care if it's tough or not!!! Cheers Steven
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    Deau National Park

    G'Day Gilly, I'm heading down there middle of next week, I'll let you know what it's like buddy....
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    Dual Fuel or Diesel

    Lpg G'Day, I've got an LPG tank underneath and it looks a bit low, what kind of ground clearance is recommended? Cheers Steven
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    Deau National Park

    G'Day Guys, I'm heading down to Deau NP just south of Bateman's Bay NSW for my first trip. Anyone been there? What's it like, any swimming holes? Cheers Steven
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    New Fish

    G'Day Guys, New guy here, just bought a '97 Pajero and looking for some action. I live in Sydney Inner West (moved here from England last year) so I'm looking for some pretty easy tracks to get started. Also, any ideas on what kit I need to take along in the event of getting stuck and...